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May 28, 2015

Somalia - New developments on the killing of British citizen - MP Yusuf Dirir Abdi

The Assassination of a Beloved Father and Statesman in Mogadishu, Somalia
Hon. MP Yusuf Dirir Abdi, a U.K. citizen, was targeted and gunned down in broad daylight on his return from a parliamentary meeting in Mogadishu on Saturday May 23, 2015.
Sources have reported that the assassination was carried by nine presidential personnel including the General Director for the Security Agency in Mogadishu.
Yusuf  Dirir Abdi - May His Soul Rest In Peace 
It is also said that the operation was led by second in-command of the military forces, Abdillahi Maalin Noor, a cousin of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. To date, the men responsible for the killing are still at large and have not been brought in for questioning.
The family of MP Dirir requests an immediate investigation by an international body in this matter to disclose the truth. Since most of the Dirir family are UK nationals, we are particularly asking for the full fledge support of the U.K. government into uncovering this heinous crime against an innocent man who dedicated his whole life and fought for peace and democracy for the Somali people.
The killing of Mr. Dirir was initially pinned on Al Shabab, a division of the Al-Qaeda group. Currently the Somali federal government in covering up the matter is blaming the deaths of the deceased official and his driver on mistaken identity.
We, the Dirir family hereby are seeking justice for the slain MP and want the culprits who are responsible for the murder of MP Yusuf Dirir to face justice.

Dirir family