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June 26, 2015

Al-Shabab kill 30 peacekeepers in Somalia

Al-Shabab storms peacekeepers’ base in Somalia, claims 30 dead

By: Mohamed Sheikh Nor Bloomberg, Published on Fri Jun 26 2015
MOGADISHU—More than 30 peacekeepers were killed when al-Shabab militants attacked a base in the southern Somali town of Leego on Friday, the Islamist group said in a statement broadcast on Radio Andalus.
“Amisom confirms there is an ongoing attack at their Leego Somalia base that started this morning,” the African Union Mission to Somalia, which is operating in Somalia with approval by the United Nations, said on its Twitter account. It gave no details of casualties.
The attackers used a car bomb to break through the fence of the base, about 140 kilometres from the capital, Mogadishu, before their soldiers opened fire, Feytan Omar, an officer with the Somali army who witnessed the attack, said by phone.

Al-Shabab is trying to overthrow the Western-backed government in Somalia and establish a strict version of Islamic law. While it’s lost control of large chunks of territory to African Union troops over recent years, the group still carries out gun and grenade attacks.