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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Anglo-Somali Society Tea Party at Westminster hall - photos

(Medeshi)- Anglo-Somali Society House of Commons Tea Party

The traditional Anglo Somali Society Tea party took place yesterday , the 10th of June 2015 in the CPA (Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ) Westminster hall. The Tea party was hosted by Clive Betts, MP of Sheffield South. Clive spoke about the long relations between the people of Somalia/Somaliland and the people of Great Britain. MP Clive Betts then awarded the Best student Award to Said Said who was born in Aden and came to UK in 2011. Ahmed has proven to be the best student of his school and therefore deserved the award . Said was accompanied to the event by his mother.
M. Ali (Medeshi ) - left with Ambasador Harriet Mathews 
Also present at the Tea party was Harriet Mathews , the British ambassador to Somalia. Mrs Mathews said that she had met many Somalis with different skills and hoped that these skills will help in the progress of democracy and good governance in Somalia . The ambassador said that she was going to Hargeisa of Somaliland soon . She also said that although she will be based in Mogadishu .
I spoke to Christopher Claxton , a former Somaliland boy-scout, who told me that he went to Hargeisa, Burao and Erigavo as a boy scout in 1956 . He said that Somaliland was a beautiful place as he remembered in 1956.
We later went to the  office of Initiatives for Change where Dr. Muna Ismail (vice-chairperson of Anglo-Somali Society) hosted us for the close meeting of the Anglo-Society Members. Muna is project Development consultant/Agenda for Reconciliation.
Thanks to Rhoda Ibrahim who invited me for the Tea party and brought me the entry ticket.
The Anglo-Somali Society was founded in 1962 and is a friendship society whose objective is to foster friendship and understanding between Somalis and the English-speaking world.
Clive Betts, MP (Left) and Professor  Eleni Plazidou 

From left : Mustafa, Dr. Michael Walls , Rhoda Karani, Ambassador Harriet Mathews , Mohamed Ahmed Ali (Medeshi) and other guests

Christopher Claxton (Former Somaliland boy scout) and his wife Mrs Bee Abel at the centre 

Richard Sills , Susan Sills and Dr. Muna Ismail

Mustafa and Ambassador Harriet Mathews