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June 3, 2015

Condolence event held for MP Yusuf Dirir in London - Video

(Medeshi)- Yusuf Dirir Abdi , a lawmaker and veteran politician was killed on Saturday the 23 of May 2015  in Mogadishu after gunmen opened fire on the car he was riding.

The driver was also killed but another MP, Abdulla Boss who also served as the minister of defence of Somalia survived the attack. Yusuf Dirir died in the  hospital as a result of the injuries sustained in the attack .

Mr. Dirir and his colleague Abdalla Boss were attacked on the major Maka Al-Mukarama road on their way  to the parliament.
"The attackers were riding in a minibus with an ambulance logo, they opened fire on the lawmakers and then escaped the scene before the security forces reached the area," said Mohamed Abdiaziz, a security official.

The Somali government made a statement that the killing has been carried out by government  soldiers for mistaken identity. The killing of the MP and his driver  carries the hallmark of Dam Al Jadiid assassinations in Mogadishu .
Both MPs and the driver hail from Erigavo , Sanaag region.