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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wikileaks exposes Saudi Royal misdeeds

 (Medeshi)-  Wikileaks exposes Saudi Royal misdeeds

Wikileaks has published tens of thousands of documents about Saudi Arabia and how the royals behave. The document released on the 19th of June shows huge number of Arabic documents which include foreign  office correspondence and Royal family businesses. 

Among the misdeeds of the Royals is the 2009 invoice for an unpaid limousine bill racked up Princes Maha Al Ibrahim, who allegedly left Geneva after failing to pay the limousine company $1.4 million (£882,000).

The invoice was sent from Geneva limo company Golden Limousine Services and was addressed to the Saudi mission there. Louis Roulet, administrator of the company, said the document was authentic and that he remembers the incident well. He added that the hefty bill, which he claims was "far more" that $1.4 million, was eventually paid in full.
Others include the offer by the Saudi Royals for  the payment of $10 billion for the release of former Egyptian president Husni Mubarek .

The complete released documents can be found here

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