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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Amin Arts on Somaliland presidency and election delay - Cartoon

(Medeshi)- Amin Amir is a Canadian activist of Somali origin who advocates for social change and justice among the Somali speaking populous.
In this episode, Amin Amir touches the delayed Somaliland elections and the tampering on the national constitution.
In the left hand corner and sitting on the presidential seat is depicted as the President of Somaliland who asks minister Hirsi who is the president's  adviser the following question: 

The president asks: "Hirsi , tell me how we can change the constitution to add an article that will legally permit  me to stay as the president of Somaliland forever".

Minister Hirsi responds: "It would be better to also add to the constitution an article that would authorise me to be the legal heir to the Presidential post and in turn I will get the approval of the House of Guurti ".