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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AMISOM announces new offensive against Al-Shabaab

AMISON’s Force Commander, Lt. General Jonathan Rono had confirmed that AMISOM is abo0ut to launch a new offensive against Al-Shabaab. 
On a visit to Burundi troops at the Jereredo army base, he said that AMISOM together with the Somali National Army: “in the coming few days, together with our partners and Somali National Security Forces, we shall intensify activity and momentum to conduct operations to capture the remaining 20 percent from Al Shabaab.” General Rono briefed the Burundi troops about the on-going re-adjustment and re-organization of AMISOM forces in strategic towns. This, he said, was aimed at revitalizing security in the outposts.
General Rono offered his condolences for the loss of soldiers at their base at Leego last week and said “I want to pay gratitude to you for the tactical role you play, commiserate with you on the loss of lives we recently encountered while executing our mandate and defending the noble cause in Leego.”. He went on to say that “Together with the Somali National Army, [we will] ensure that peace prevails and that we defeat the terrorists and create an enabling environment to foster development.”
The Force Commander was accompanied by AMISOM’s Chief Security Officer Colonel (Rtd) Peter Chege, Chief of Staff Brigadier General Cyprien Ndikuriyo and Sector Five Commander, Colonel Reverien Ndayambaje.