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July 10, 2015

Kenya reiterates its determination to build a barrier along the border with Somalia

The Kenyan Government has said it will hasten the construction of a security wall along its border with Somalia following the Mandera terror attack that left 14 people dead at the beginning of the week.

Kenya’s Interior Principal Secretary,  Monica Juma,  said on Thursday (July 9) that the Government was now more determined to secure its border with Somalia and prevent Al-Shabaab militants from freely crossing into the country.
Ms. Juma, who was on a border inspection tour with an inter-agency team, said the building of the proposed 700 kilometer wall along the Kenya-Somalia border from Mandera in northeast to Kiunga in the coast would prevent Al-Shabaab elements from infiltrating the country. She said she wanted “to reaffirm our resolve to secure our nation." During her inspection, Ms. Juma called on local residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious characters to the relevant security authorities.
-M oFA