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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pic of the day : Baboon chews khat in Somaliland

(Medeshi) Hargeisa , Somaliland - It is common to see animals eating these green leaves in Somaliland cities.
Photo: Courtesy of  Rooble Mohamed 

The leaves and the delicate branches make both humans and animals feel high and intoxicated. 
Khat is an stimulate that makes eaters feel high after a  moderate time of each sitting /consumption . It is a drug that makes consumers feel high. It attracts both humans and animals alike. Both goats and camels that are known to grass on high trees are among the urban users in Somaliland.   
In Berbera Camels are known for grabbing khat bundles from khat street sellers. Goats and other urban animals also eat the leaves that are left over by humans. And now the baboons join the delicacy .
These kinds of leaves are grown in Ethiopia and are imported daily by land through Wajale crossing. Other types of Khat chewed in Europe and in Saudi Arabia such as the Mira are grown in Kenya , Ethiopia and Yemen..