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Friday, July 17, 2015

Saudi Arabia - Suicide bomber hits a checkpoint in the capital

RIYADH: A suicide bomber blew himself up on Thursday at a security checkpoint in Al-Hair neighborhood of the capital city, killing himself and wounding two policemen, the Interior Ministry said.
The blast went off when policemen manning the checkpoint on Al-Ha'ir Road stopped the car at the time of Maghreb prayer for a routine inspection, a spokesman for the ministry said.
“The bomber, Abdullah Fahad Al-Rashid, 16, a Saudi national, blew up the car and killed himself,” he was quoted as saying. The policemen were taken to hospital and were in a “stable condition,” the spokesman said.
Al-Ha'ir road leads to Al-Ha’ir Prison, a maximum security prison bout 40 kilometers south of the capital, which is said to hold both common criminals and Al-Qaeda extremists.
The case is being investigated.