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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The political game in Somaliland - Cartoon

The political game in Somaliland

(Medeshi)- Amin Amir is a Canadian artist of Somali decent who advocates for social change and promotes equality among the Somali speaking population.
In this episode Amin Amir comments on the political stand off in Somaliland after the delay of the elections by the House of Guurti.

The content of the cartoon in English reflects the folwing:

In the left-hand corner the goalie sleeping within the goal area is depicted as president Silanyo.
On the right-hand corner is depicted as Cirro of Wadani opposition party trying to kick the ball. Suleeman of the Guurti acting as the referee stands in the centre and orders Cirro not to  kick the ball and tells him to  pause the game until the goalie wakes-up. Faisal of UCID party also stands in background encouraging  Cirro to play the game.

Translation of the somali text in the cartoon :

Saleeman of the Guurti says to Cirro  "Stop the game. Pause the game until the goalie wakes"
Faisal of UCID says " No don't stop the game. It his responsibility if he slept during the play"
Cirro of Wadani exclaims  "oow guys ; where on earth do they play like this?"