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Monday, July 13, 2015

UK - Khat classification and monitoring one year on

(Medeshi)- khat is a plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Among communities from these areas, khat chewing has a history as a social custom dating back thousands of years. Khat contains substance which causes excitement, loss of appetite and euphoria . Khat was banned in UK on 24 June 2014. It is also banned in Canada , the US and Europe in addition to many Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
The  following summary is of a report about how the Met Police in the United kingdom have  dealt with khat issues including enforcement of the ban and supporting the communities affected by the ban since it came to effect on June 24 2014.

Executive Summary of  Khat enforcement one year on Khat  ( Source of the Met )
Khat interventions: One-year since khat was class C controlled, drug the Metropolitan Police  has issued a total of 110 Khat Warnings and 16 Penalty Notice for Disorder (PNDs). 55 people have been arrested. Outcomes (not including the issue of a Khat Warning or PND) include: 18 people NFA’d, 4 people Cautioned, 6 people Charged and appeared at court or wanted/missing.
Stop and Search: The MPS Stops Database shows that 56 records were created during this period for stops specifically in relating to khat
Khat enforcement: During the period 24/12/2014 to 23/06/2015 10 khat search warrants were executed across London
Community Tension: Since classification borough returns show there have been no specific issues or community tension relating to khat or associated police enforcement activity.
Confidence: Comparisons between pre and post classification Public Attitude Surveys show that public confidence in the police has not adversely affected.
ASB Overall, the number of khat related ASB incidents recorded on the police intelligence system CRIMINT are very low.
Domestic Abuse: For a period one year prior to classification to one year after classification the number of ‘Accused’ on Domestic Abuse crime reports who’s nationality was Somali, Eritrean or Kenyan has reduced 23% from 210 to 141.