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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

EU closes its offices in Somaliland

EU shuts down office in Somaliland

(Medeshi)- The EU has closed its offices in Hargeisa. Its staff are also ordered to leave the country. The reason for the EU exit from Somliland is not clear but may have very much to do with the election delays and a setback to the democratic processes supported by the EU.
Somaliland elections were slated for June this year but were postponed by the National Election Commission  (NEC) to June 2016 for reasons pertaining to voter registrations. The Guurti (Upper Houses of Parliament ) then interfered in the election processes and postponed it further to April 2017.
This has created anger among the political parties and also in the public.
Somaliland foreign office spokesperson has stated that the reason of the closure is due to reduced funding and financial contains although Somaliland has not been informed of the closure and its reasons.
Regardless of the reason behind the EU move , it is clearly a major setback for Somaliland democratization processes.

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               EU shuts down office in Somaliland