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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Corruption in Somalia - My clan is largest, I should get the bigger share of the money - cartoon

My clan is the largest of all , therefore I should get the bigger share of the money.

(Medeshi)- Amin Amir is a Canadian of Somali origin who campaigns for social change and justice among the Somali speaking population. Amin often writes about the political chaos in Somalia and the corruption among the government official.
In this episode of his cartoons , Amin presents a scenario of the ministers  discussing ways of stealing public money and diverting the funds the president secured for defending his seat against the impeachment motion by the parliament.
The Somali PM portrayed at the far left corner says  to the parliamentarians around the table : “  As ministers, we should get the monies intended to bribe the parliamentarians that are behind the impeachment motion against the president. Each of us should remove the parliamentarians from our clans that are behind the motion . In this way we will get the money for ourselves’’.

The man with the green neckties says” I have always heard about treason agaisnt the country, but today I see it practically “.
The third man in the centre says “ My clan is the largest of all , therefore I should get the bigger share of the money”.

The man on the far right corner in the cartoon makes a call to his wife and tells her “ Hi Hamiimo, today is a windfall of money for us. You have bothered me with money talk on many occasions but today I am going to bring you too much money “