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Saturday, September 5, 2015

England: Birmingham vigil to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees

England: Birmingham vigil to highlight the plight of the Syrian refugees

(Medeshi)- Hundreds or perhaps thousands of people gathered for a rally in Birmingham city centre today to shed light on  the plight of Syrians who are seeking asylum in Europe. Cities such as Birmingham and Kingston upon Thames have agreed to rehome at least fifty refugees each.

Politicain Abdirazak Meead , Erigavian and a former Somaliland ambassador to Kuwait , told Medeshi that he participated in the vigil to welcome Syrian refugees in the United Kingdom. The politician said that: “I participated in this vigil to raise the plight of Syrians that are seeking refuge in Europe after  escaping the war in their country. I was carrying the flag of Somaliland to emphasise the human side for accepting these refugees. When some of the participants in the rally asked me about the flag that I was carrying , I told them that it is the national flag of Somaliland Republic.  One of those who asked me the question said that Birmingham had welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees in the past without any external support. Most of the refugees were from Yemen although a great number also came from Somaliland and other countries", the politician concluded.
Somaliland is among the countries that welcomes refugees in the country. There are hundreds of Syrians in cities like Hargeisa, Borama and Berbera. Most of these are professionals such as doctors and dentists while other are traders.