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September 23, 2015

Two Polish citizens may have died in Somalian attack

Polish authorities are currently trying to confirm whether two Polish citizens died in a car bomb attack on Monday near the presidential palace in Mogadishu, Somalia.

(Radio Poland) - At least 11 people died as a result of the blast in the Somalian capital, and over 14 were injured.
The two Polish citizens who may have fallen victim were of Somalian and Palestinian descent.
The former was intending to take part in the forthcoming presidential election in Somalia.
Secretary of State in the Prime Minister's office Marek Biernacki has told the TVN24 news channel that news of the deaths of the two men is “unofficial” at present.
“We are waiting for confirmation,” he added.
The explosion took place outside the so-called Villa Somalia during a debate over the country's 2016 election.
Besides providing a residence for the president, Villa Somalia also serves as the country's seat of government.
A suicide bomber apparently drove towards a group of dignitaries leaving the building, before detonating the explosives.
Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by Islamic extremist group al-Shabab, which is linked with al-Qaida.
It has carried out many attacks in the country in recent times. (nh/rk)