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October 25, 2015

Armed men and Somaliland security forces in standoff just north of Erigavo

Arms men at Erigavo mountains.

(Medeshi)- Armed men and the SOMALILAND police are facing each other at the highlands just north of Erigavo.
The men are said to be from the inhabitants of the area and some of them were named. Some of them are said to be from the former SNM fighters. The stand-off is reported to be at Taba road that connects Erigavo to Mayd port.
Oodweyne News has reported that the men were seen with a truck load of weapons and ammunition . These include light weapons such as AK Kalashnikov  assault guns. The situation is calm now after a brief exchange of fire earlier the day.
No one knows the reason why these men who are from the local clans of the region took arms and fled to the mountains.