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October 27, 2015

Cartoon- Multiple resignations and the break-up of Kulmiye party in Somaliland

“Clear the way to avoid this fast car overrunning you . Kulmiye is moving fast"

(Medeshi)- Amir Amin is  a Canadian cartoonist of Somali origin who  advocates for justice and social change among the Somali speaking population worldwide.
In this episode, Amin comments in the form of cartoon about the  multiple resignations within the Somaliland government ministries and breakup of Kulmiye ruling party.
It is reported that at least 12 of the cabinet ministers and deputy ministers of Kulmiye party resigned yesterday from their government posts in revolt  against the support of President Silanyo to one of the front runners for the  candidacy in the coming presidential elections.
The ministers accuse Silanyo of supporting Muse Bihi who is the current chairman of Kulmiye party.
The president has the upper-hand and has therefore, ruled out any concessions. Fresh and loyal faces are expected to fill in the political arena in Somaliland as promised in the speech of the president in response to the multiple ministerial resignations.
The comment of Amin Arts in English is as fallows:
The passenger in the vehicle with punctured wheels says to the driver “Uncle , you are driving fast , drive lowly”.
The driver depicted as the current president says “Clear the way to avoid this fast car overrunning you . Kulmiye is moving fast".
And then goes-on  with a remark “We don’t care who resigns“.
President Silanyo came to power in a free and fair elections in July 2010. His term expired in June 2015 but has been extended by the house of Guurti to April 2017.
Somaliland seceded from Somalia on May 18 1991 after  bloody civil that had killed tens of thousands of Somalilandes.
The country has its army , security forces, national flag , own passport , banks , currency and more. It is yet to be recognised as a sovereign country by the international community.