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October 26, 2015

In Somaliland, go-slow nation building spurs exodus to Europe

The self-declared nation of 3.5 million is trying to build a functioning state, beyond the chaos of Somalia. But many jobless youths have joined the migration to Europe, despite the severe risks.
Residents of Somaliland sit under a war memorial of a MiG fighter jet in the centre of town in Hargeisa May 19, 2013. The memorial was set up to commemorate Somaliland's breakaway attempt in the 1980s, and is a symbol of struggle for the people of this province.

HARGEISA, SOMALILAND — Faisa Xajji Yussuf will likely never know the exact date her son died, but March 6 is the day the call came.  
It took about 10 seconds for the voice at the end of the line—presumably calling from a satellite phone somewhere in Libya—to relay the message: “Your son suffered, and now he is dead.”
Months earlier, this son, Mohamed, was working as a wedding photographer in Somaliland, the small self-declared nation in the Horn of Africa. He was one of the lucky few to have steady work in a country where youth unemployment rates of 70 percent have stunted the young population’s earning potential.
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