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October 9, 2015

Mohamed Behi Younis seeks to replace President Silanyo in the coming Somaliland elections

Mohamed Behi Younis announces his candidacy for Somaliland presidency.

(Medeshi)- The minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland has just informed the press in London that he will be running for the presidential candidacy of Kulmiye for the coming Somaliland elections. The FM declared his ambition to become the next president of Somaliland in a TV interview in London tonight .
Kulmiye which is the Somaliland ruling party is currently in the process of selecting a presidential candidate to replace the incumbent president, Silanyo,  in the coming  Somaliland elections that are slated for April 2017.
“Today the country needs knowledgeable and effective leadership that can boost the economy, improve the security and the foreign affairs relations of the country." The minister said.
Mr Younis reiterated  that he is not  a candidate for a clan but that he is a candidate for the people of Somaliland.
The minister spoke of his vast work experience which includes his post at the UN and the development bank as well his past work in Somaliland including his time as a teacher at Bali Gubadle ,Salahley, Berbera, Mogadishu and other places.
In conclusion the minister has embarked on a difficult campaign as the ruling party is currently in strong competition to select their candidate for the presidential post in the coming elections.
Translated from Somali by Medeshi.