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Friday, November 25, 2016

Egypt to revive schools in Somalia

(Africa Review)- Egypt has announced plans to reopen its education institutions in Somalia, after more than two decades

The Consul General of the Egyptian embassy in Somalia, Mr Taamir Safwat, made the announcement after he held discussions in Mogadishu Thursday with a group of Egyptian teachers who had arrived in the Somali capital.

“You are the first batch of teachers and administrators of the Egyptian schools in Somalia,” the state run broadcaster, Mogadishu Radio, quoted Mr Safwat saying.

Looters vandalised

The Egyptian schools had vanished when the Somali government collapsed in 1991 as looters vandalised most of the state and foreign-owned institutions.

Mogadishu Radio reported that the schools would teach the Egyptian curriculum, with the exception of Somali history and geography.

Mr Safwat told the media that the Egyptian education would be free of charge and that teachings would temporarily start in buildings belonging to the Somali government until they restore their own.

“Teaching will temporarily start on May 15 at Sheikh Hassan Barsane schools in Mogadishu,” stated Mr Safwat.

Offered scholarships

“I am confident that Egyptian teachers will help in the capacity building of Somali children,” he added.

Somalia and Egypt have long history of collaboration, especially in the trade and education sectors.

Many Somali students were in Egypt, pursuing different levels of education including some who were offered scholarships.