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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Below the belt cross party accusations damage Somaliland sovereignty

Commentary - The social media and the local websites have recently circulated fake news accusing the opposition party of seeking reunion with Somalia.

Some of the young Somalilanders are the most that have spread this fake news in the social media In recent days .
While these young social media  addicts support their clan oriented political party , they forgot that they are actually damaging the chances of the international recognition of Somaliland . This self demotion has also given the other side (Somalia)  chances to reflect on the divisions in Somaliland. To make it short ,tribalism is the main motivator of these  school dropouts to engage in rouge political campaigns in this young emerging democracy.

Tribalism is a disease that has no cure in any country. It has recently become a tool of use for political purposes.
Sadly Kulmiye ruling party  will be remembered for inducing tribalism into Somaliland politics. It will be the legacy of the party.
It might not be to late to re-educate the Somaliland people about the bad side of tribalism. Taking into consideration of the strength of Wadani opposition party , the chances of eliminating Kulmiye induced tribalism is real.
The next Somaliland presidential and parliamentary elections slated for March 2017 might  not take place on time due to the famine in most parts of the country. Pastoralists have migrated to the southern parts of the region and crossed the Ethiopia boundary in search of greener pastures. Pastoralists are the majority of the Somaliland population.
The pastoralist/nomad voter turnout will,  therefore, be minimal as expected in the event of drought or famine.
The election delay scenario might  be a short gain for Kulmiye politically or materially  but could be reversed if they lose the elections if  held.
I think that the failure of UCID  in Somaliland politics is also another factor that fuels tribalism in the social media. Its supporters envy the main opposition party and will always try to find ways of defaming and sabotaging the effort of Wadani to win the elections.
Somaliland nation is beyond the split between UCID , WADANI or Kulmiye political parties.
Regardless of who wins in the coming elections, the country will prevail .