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Monday, December 5, 2016

Somali army, Puntland forces recapture Qandala town

By Mohammed Dhaysane - Anadolu Agency
MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia's autonomous region of Puntland forces backed by Somali National Army have retaken control of the strategic coastal town of Qandala from Daesh Sunday.

"We have fully captured the town from militants, we reached there earlier in the morning, they fell and headed in their stronghold of Galgala" Colonel Abdirasaq told reporters.

"There have been huge fighting between Puntland forces backed by SNA and the militants, there is no clear real casualties," Adan Mohamed in Bosaaso, the capital city of Barri, told Anadolu Agency over phone.

Senior Puntland military figure who requested not be named told Anadolu Agency that they have killed 7 fighters after 2 days of fighting.

"We killed 7 Daesh militants after we attacked their base in Qandala area where the fighters were planning to attack us," he said.

Qandala is located in Somalia's northern region of Barri and it is an ancient city which has been under control of Daesh since October this year.

The militants loyal to Daesh led by Abdukadir Moumin, had broke away from al-Shabaab last year.
- Anadolu Agency