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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Somaliland elections will not be held before August 2017

(Erigvao, Somaliland)- Somaliland presidential and parliamentary elections will not be held in March 2017 according reliable sources.

One of the main reasons of the expected delay in the elections is the current drought and the widespread famine in the eastern regions and parts of the middle and western areas of the country.

It it has been reported that more than 300,000 people had migrated to the southern areas of the country while some have crossed the Ethiopia boundary in search of green pastures.
The earliest that rains are expected to fall in the drought affected areas is late March 2017 which falls on the Gu season.
The majority of Somaliland population are nomads and therefore, will not be able to cast their voters if elections are held while famine persists .
As a result , experts have hinted that the earliest that any election could take place in Somaliland is after Ramadan 2017 ; or in Gregorian after August 2017.
Another reason of the delay in Somaliland elections is to avoid it to coincide with Somalia presidential elections which has now been delayed once again to January 2017.
In recent days , the Somali government has been circulating news that Somaliland representatives were elected to the Houses of Parliament of the federal government. These presumed elected MPs are renegades that had  left Somaliland after they could not achieve their selfish ambitions and were therefore, warmly welcomed by the Somali government.
Politicians are aware of the expected delay but the public is kept in the dark for political reasons.