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Saturday, September 9, 2017

England- a container full of medical equipment for Edna Hospital dispatched - Photos

Pulborough, Friday Sept 8 2017-
A container of medical equipment donated by Ian Fenwick and a group of other people in Pulborough has left for Somaliland on Friday.

The shipment included medical beds , chairs , air conditioner, computers, hospital mattresses and various other supplies for the hospital .

Hundreds of books donated to Hargeisa library were also included in the shipment.
Edna Aden who turned 80 yesterday has witnessed the  loading of the supplies in the container. She also celebrated her 80th  birthday in Pulborough with the team lead by Ian Fenwick.

Earlier on that day , I traveled from Kingston to Clapham Junction and took a train to Pulborough and helped in the loading and filling the 40ft container with the donated items.
Edna university hospital is located in Hargeisa and has been founded by Edna Aden. Edna Adan’s Mission
"To end preventable child and maternal death in Somaliland and to eradicate the practice of female genital mutilation."
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