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Thursday, September 7, 2017

London- Hanna Ali becomes the new project manager of Somali Week Festival

New Somali Week festival Project Manager, and Hanna Ali, new volunteer coordinator, and project assistant manager.

Aisha Afrah is born, and raised in Mogadishu, a poet and short fiction writer. She is a SOAS student who is currently completing her master's degree in African Literature.  Her interests include translation and multilingualism within the Somali territories. She is a translator for the BBC Somali branch and her poetry explores themes such as home, being a woman, being a refugee and self-love.

Hanna Ali is a writer, a poet, a Teaching Fellow and a PhD Candidate at SOAS, University of London where she specialises in Afro-Arab identity and how British migrant writers construct notions of home and (un)belonging. Her creative work has been widely published by Brittle Paper, Spread The Word, Cecile's Writer's Magazine and Scarf Magazine to mention a few and she was recently shortlisted for the London Short Story Prize 2016. She has an upcoming release of four short stories translated to Somali (both written and audio) by Market FiftyFour which is due for release in October 2017.
Somali Week Festival is London’s prominent celebration of Somali culture and takes place from Friday 20th of October to Sunday 29th of October at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, London. The opening of this years festival will be at the prestigious British Library.

At this year’s festival, we are focusing on the themes of ‘Home and Displacement’ which are important chapters in the history of Somali people who are known for travelling to new places and building new homes. As culturally nomadic people who travel in search for crops for their animals, to building trade links across the world, to the ones migrated. These movements are documented in Somali arts in the form of poetry, plays, and songs and Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is proud to have invited a range of artists to explore these themes from different angles.

Kayd’s long term aim for Somali Week Festival is to function as a platform for promoting tolerance, by bringing the community together to discuss the important socio-political matters. Additionally, Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is dedicated to campaigning for and celebrating Somali literature, music and arts within Somali community both in the horn of Africa and in the diaspora specially at times like these when these cultural mediums are at risk of being destroyed by over a quarter century of civil strife and struggle.

Somali Week Festival will migrate around various venues. We will launch the week at the British libraty, and other events will take place at Oxford House, University College London (UCL), and the  South Bank. In addition, two of the festival days will run in partnership with the Black South West Network and local Somali organisations in Bristol.

If you would like further information about Somali Week Festival, book tickets or a stall, or volunteer, please email Aisha Ali Mohamud: aisha.ali.mohamud@kayd.org or Hanna Ali: info@kayd.org

For the latest news and updates visit our website www.kayd.org and follow us on Twitter @somaliweekfest and facebook @kayd

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture
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