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Sunday, February 4, 2018

London - Anglo-Somali or Anglo-Somaliland Society

(Medeshi)- I just want to make clear to my Somalilanders that the Anglo-Somali Society is not a Somali dominated group.
It was  founded in the  1962 by people mainly from Somaliland and the people of the UK. Currently 70% of the members of the society are either from the UK or the USA. The remaining 30% come mainly from Somaliland.

As the name cannot be changed to “Anglo-Somaliland Society “ because of the importance of the founding definitions, we have accepted to keep it that way.
The aim of the Society is defined as :

“The Anglo-Somali Society is a non profit-making international friendship society whose objective is to foster friendship and understanding between Somalis and the English-speaking world, and to develop cultural and social relations between them “

I hope this suffices queries from Somalilanders that had contacted me about the Society.
To learn more about the Society please its website: http://anglosomalisociety.org.uk/About-us.php