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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Russia offers to build military base in Zeila in exchange for Somaliland recognition

(Reddit) - Classified Priority Message from Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia is glad to see that Somaliland is bettering her neighbors in the region in stability and is seeking to assist Somaliland in gaining proper recognition on the international stage as well as provide for increased security for her citizens.

Russia is willing to send more military advisors, both tactical and strategic, to assist the emerging Somaliland military as well as push forth a resolution to recognize the state of Somaliland as sovereign over its currently administered territory.

In return, Russia seeks permission to build a small naval and air facility, housing no more than 1,500 personnel outside the city of Zeila. The naval facility should capable of servicing two destroyer sized ships, four frigate class ships, and two large submarine pens. The air facility will have two airstrips and will be capable of hosting up to six heavy aircraft and fifteen fighter jets as well as space for fuel, ammunition, and base defenses.

Should this offer be accepted, Russia is interested in investing in the Somaliland economy, especially in the fossil fuel sector. Russia is willing to invest $250 million USD in Somaliland natural gas and petroleum extraction and transport in exchange for 35% of total profits made from selling the fuels.