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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Somaliland- We welcome Abaarso Tech and encourage it to be replicated in the country

(Medeshi)- We welcome Abaarso Tech and other educational entities that will help our people to catch up with the rest of the world.

Those who oppose the education in Somaliland should know that education is a light against the darkness.
The success of those that have been given scholarships at Harvard and other highly reputable universities by Abaarso tech and to others in the rest of the World is a witness to the value and success of Abaarso Tech school of science.
I spoke to the journalist Coldoon through messenger few months ago because he fiercely opposes Abaarso Tech and its teachers. I told him that it  was in the last century when a university was proposed to be built by the British in Somaliland (Sheikh - Makerere) and possibly in another place in the country. The religious leaders denied that basing their argument on importing infidelity.
After that,  many intermediate schools and 2 secondary schools namely - Sheikh and Amoud were allowed to be built in Somaliland before the 1960s.
This opposition was all based on fear of cultural and religious change by the then proposed new education system.
Currently many among the religious/traditional leaders send their children to Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda which their ancestors  denied to be built in Somaliland.
We welcome Abaarso Tech  to be replicated in most parts of Somaliland regardless of the opposition by the  fanatics and others that hate the progress of our nation .