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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Turkey set to recognize Somaliland after acceptance of SLD passport

(Medeshi)- Turkey is mulling to recognize Somaliland republic after it accepted people who hold Somaliland passport to travel to turkey with visa according to our local sources.

This is a precedence as Turkey earlier refused entry or visa for those holding Somaliland passport.
On another news item, the African Union is to hold a new session to discuss the relations between Somaliland and Somalia fearing that one of the AU nations could recognize Somaliland and therefore,  set  a chain of recognition dominoes.
I travelled to the UK in 2004 with Somaliland passport after obtaining visa from the British embassy in Addis Ababa. Although that didn’t mean the U.K. recognition of Somaliland, it was a great move towards good relations with the most democratic country in the Horn of Africa.
We know that DFID is aiding the Berbera corridor project. We also know the U.K. trains the security sector of the country ( policing and the RRU and more).
But what we want from the U.K. is to exercise boldness and recognize it's former protectorate as an independent state..