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Friday, June 7, 2019

World War II - HMS Somaliland warship

(WK) - HMS Somaliland (K594) was a Colony-class frigate of the United Kingdom that served
during World War II. She originally was ordered by the United States Navy as the Tacoma-class patrol frigate USS Popham (PF-90) and was transferred to the Royal Navy prior to completion.

HMS Somaliland at Greenock, Scotland, on 21 September 1944 (WK).

The ship, originally designated a "patrol gunboat," PG-198, was ordered by the United States Maritime Commission under a U.S. Navy contract as USS Popham. She was reclassified as a "patrol frigate," PF-90, on 15 April 1943 and laid down by the Walsh-Kaiser Company at Providence, Rhode Island, on 11 October 1943.[1] Intended for transfer to the United Kingdom, the ship was renamed Somaliland by the British prior to launching and was launched on 11 November 1943.

The United Kingdom returned Somaliland to the U.S. Navy on 22 May 1946. She was scrapped in 1947.