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Friday, October 8, 2010

Somali Week Festival 2010: Saturday 23 to Sunday 31 October Oxford House , London


Somali Week Festival 2010
Kayd Somali Arts and Culture presents
Somali Week Festival 2010: Saturday 23 to Sunday 31 October
Oxford House: Derbyshire Street, London, E2 6HG

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture, in collaboration with Redsea-online.com and other Somali and Somaliland Communities are proud to present the annual  Somali Week Festival 2010 at Oxford House Derbyshire Street, London, E2 6HG. The festival is part of Black History Month and will run from Saturday the 23rd to Sunday the 31st of October. The festival offers the best of Somali arts and culture, both old and new, presenting a mix of events including poetry, literature, drama, Music and panel discussions.

A number of highly esteemed international guests will take part, including poets, writers and a playwright, musicians and other artists. The 2010 festival will provide a great opportunity to meet with Mahamed Ibrahim Warsame ‘Hadraawi’, Amina Abdilahi, Ahmed Saleebaan Bidde, Boon Hirsi and Ahmed Ibrahim Awali
 ahmed saleebaan bidde.jpgamina abdilahi.jpguntitled.crowd.bmpswf09_2_preview books.jpg
We are also delighted to have two remarkable Somali women showcasing their latest fictional works: Yasmeen Maxamuud from the USA, and London’s Nadifa Mohamed. Nadifa will be present to discuss her book, Black Mamba Boy, and Yasmeen will introduce her work Nomad Diaries to the British audiences.

We are honoured that this years Somali Week will be opened by the Deputy Mayor of London, Richard Barnes,  and will be introduced by no other then Mahamed Ibrahim Warsame “Hadraawi”

Somali Week Festival 2010 will showcase visiting artists along with UK and other diaspora Somali Artists and expertise such as

Hudaydi, Dararamle Hananteeye, Kaltuun Bacado, Dr Martin Orwen, Jama Musse Jama Khadiija Ceerigaabo, Qaboojiye, Ali Seenyo, Nimco Yasiin, Nimco Degan, Said Ali Shire, Abdalle Osman Shafey, Faynuus Sheekh Daahir, Nuur Daalac, Abdi Bahdoon , Diini Khaliif, Faysal Awcabdi AmbalaashAbdi Good AbeesCabdillaahi Cawed Cige, Ikraan Arale, Samira Ali. Saado Isse Isman, Mawliid Adan Aydiid (Qolqol), clowns from Magic For All Occasions, Ismail Aw-Aden,  Saynab Dahir, Asha Mahamuud Yuusuf “Asha Luul”, Abdirahman Abees, Rashid Gadhwayne, Said Jama Hussein, Sheikh Mahamoud Sheikh Dalmar, Mohamoud Ibrahim, Quman Jibril, Ibrahim Isse,  Mohamed Aden, Bootaan , Rob Inglis, Dr. Anna Lindley, Michael Walls, Mark BradburyDr. Mohamed Rashiid Sheikh Hassan, Dr. Steve Kibble, Maxamed Baashe Xaaji Xasan, Abdifataah Yare,  Saynab Dahir, Normode and more

We will also show two short documentaries: Jannaalle (The Fortune Men), This documentary, produced by Sahan,  aims to explore the history and lives of the early Somali sea farers who came to the UK. The second is a new documentry film discussing youth and citizenship in Somaliland produced by Cabdiraxmaan Yuusuf Arten.

The festival promises to be exciting, educational and entertaining. You will be able to participate in book presentation, debates about social issues, comedy, poetry, film screenings, children’s activities and great entertainment, including music and theatre.
For the programme of events, see http://www.kayd.org/?p=505
There is a chance for you to purchase a discounted weekly pass at £25 per person for the entire festival. If wish to purchase your weekly pass or book a day event ticket please email Saynab Mahamud at saynabm@yahoo.co.uk.
If you wish to volunteer for Kayd Somali Arts and culture please log on to http://www.kayd.org/?p=494
If you wish to book a stall please visit: http://www.kayd.org/?p=499
For further information about Somali Week Festival, please contact Ayan Mahamoud at ayan_mahamoud@kayd.org  or call 07903712949.

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