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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hijackers of Saudi-bound ship demand $15 million

Sultan Al-Tamimi | Arab News
JEDDAH: Somali pirates who captured a car carrier heading to Saudi Arabia in January are demanding $15 million for the release of the vessel, cargo and crew.
The news of the ransom for the Korean-owned but British-flagged ship first emerged in Bulgaria although it is reported to come from Ukrainian intelligence services.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Book presentation: Black Mamba Boy


Friday 12 Feb. 2010 6:30pm -9:00pm
Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6HG
Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is pleased to invite you to the presentation of new book; 'Black Mamba Boy' by Nadifa Mohamed. Join us to discuss this new novel with the author on Friday,12 Feb. 2010 at 6:30pm -9:00pm, Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6HG. This event will be chaired by Mohamed Mohamud and he will be joined by Dr Virginia Luling, an independent scholar and an expert on Somali Culture. There will also be entertainment from artists Abdifataah Yare and Ga’id.
The story begins in Aden,1935; a city vibrant, alive, and full of hidden dangers. And home to Jama, a ten year-old street boy. When his mother dies unexpectedly, and he finds himself alone in the world, Jama is forced home to his native Somalia, the land of his nomadic ancestors. War is on the horizon and the fascist Italian forces who control parts of east Africa are preparing for battle.. Yet Jama cannot rest until he discovers whether his father, who has been absent from his life since he was a baby, is alive somewhere. And so begins an epic journey which will take Jama north through Djibouti, war-torn Eritrea and Sudan, to Egypt. And from there, aboard a ship transporting Jewish refugees just released from German concentration camp, across the seas to Britain and freedom. It is a unique tale, based on the experiences and life of the author’s father, which also tells us the story of the many people of his generation who did not survive.
Nadifa was born in Hargeysa, Somaliland in 1981 and was educated in the UK, studying history and politics at St Hilda's College, Oxford. She lives in London and is working on her second novel. Please join us for this exciting discussion with a new author. For more information contact: Ayan Mahamoud on 07903712949 or ayan_mahamoud@kayd.org
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Ethiopian-flagged vessel thwarts pirate attack


An Ethiopian-flagged vessel fought off a pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden earlier this week, the multi-national anti-piracy task force said Thursday.
The MV Andinet, part of the Ethiopian Shipping Line, was approached by two pirate skiffs Monday, with one of them coming close enough to fire automatic weapons in an attempt to force the ship to stop, the task force said in a statement.

Somalia 'to shut Europe missions'


Somalia's hard-pressed government will close three of its five embassies in Europe because of a funding crisis, the foreign minister has told the BBC.

Pirates fire on Somaliland forces

MOGADISHU, Feb 5 - A shoot-out erupted Thursday between pirates who seized a North Korean-flagged, Libyan-owned ship and coast guards in Somalia's breakaway Somaliland region, leaving one soldier dead, police said.

It was not clear what sparked the gunfight near Lasqorey, a coastal village which lies in area disputed by the Horn of Africa's northern self-declared states of Somaliland and Puntland.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plea to the Somalis in UK for help in the release of Paul and Rachel Chandler

Press release:
Plea to the Somalis in UK for help in the release of Paul and Rachel Chandler
We plea to all Somalis living in UK to contribute for the release of the Chandlers held by the Somali pirates in Somalia.

Video : Impoverished Somaliland Shows Buganda Secession Can Work


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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Somaliland and Puntland urged to battle Islamist militia

A SIX-NATION East African regional bloc has urged Somalia's two breakaway regions of Puntland and Somaliland to jointly battle Islamist militia which it said had extended to the areas.
Heavy mortar fire between African Union peacekeepers and Islamist insurgents yesterday killed no fewer than 12 civilians and left scores wounded in the Somali capital.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Britain defends no-ransom policy

The Foreign Office has defended its stance of not paying a ransom to help free a British couple taken hostage by Somali pirates three months ago.
It issued a statement after an anti-piracy maritime group insisted it should be allowed to negotiate a payment for Paul and Rachel Chandler.
( This picture of Mrs Chandler was released on Sunday)

Stranded in Somaliland skipper pleads for urgent help as crew health deteriorates

A crew of fifteen seafarers are stranded onboard a cargo ship, the MV Layla, in the Somaliland port of Berbera for the past five months and the sailors are said to be facing serious risk as their health deteriorates.
The captain of the ship, Mr. Sarath, who is from Sri Lanka, spoke to Mohamed Saed of Berberanews by phone on Saturday, and said that their ship has been stranded in the port for the past five months without charge.

The rise of 'the African Taliban'

Peter Beaumont
The plaque on the State House building in Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland, is an oblique commemoration to an event that never occurred. It was built in 1952 for a visit to the then British protectorate by the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen never came. These days the half-ruined structure is known for another reason than as the former seat of gin-sipping British colonial officials.
(A sick woman pleads for help at the Burao camp, Somaliland. Photograph: Antonio Olmos )

Direct flights to Somaliland launched

Travelling to Somaliland is now easier with the launch of direct flights to the city of Hargeisa in the country by East African Safari Air Express.