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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Somali government and Islamic traditional group to join hands against radical militias


(ADDIS ABABA) — Somali Transitional Government has signed an agreement with a traditional Islamic group in a bid to create an alliance with factions opposed to the extremist militias before to launch a nationwide offensive against these radical groups.

New law will end male dominance in Saudi courts


RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s justice minister says his department is drafting a law that would allow female lawyers to argue legal cases in court for the first time.
(Photo:Minister of Justice Mohammed Al-Eissa)

Weerane, the Mourning Tree book Launched in London

This book was written by Mohamed Barud Ali about his experience as a prisoner of conscience when he was in a death row along with other fellow prisoners in Labaatan Jire prison of the brutal Siyad Barre regime of Somalia in the 1980s.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gulf of Aden Security Review - February 19, 2010


Yemen: Yemen troops to deploy to Saudi border; ceasefire terms being implemented; three al Qaeda suspects arrested in Ma’rib; Yemen seeks diplomatic office in Hargeisa

Somaliland: NEC -Election Preparation, Progress Report

National Electoral Commission
Election Preparation

Progress Report
Executive Summary
The internationally mediated 6 point agreement among the Somaliland political parties signed on 30th of September, 2010, opened up the space for the reconstitution of the National electoral Commission.

Pilot air attack on US tax office


The pilot of a plane which crashed into an office block in Austin, Texas, left a note expressing his anger at federal tax authorities, police say.

Group lists Ethiopia on money laundering blacklist

ABU DHABI (Reuters) - The international body fighting money laundering and terrorist financing on Thursday blacklisted Iran, Angola, North Korea, Ecuador and Ethiopia as posing risks to the international financial system.

Have you ever wondered why Africa does not progress? Here is the reason why!


They started dozing after discussion on developmental aid.
When they were deliberating on energy and power, they were sleeping.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Somalia bears scars of a former colonial state

War, illiteracy, poverty are the legacies of rule by Britain and Italy
When Virginio Bresolin passed away recently in Merka, a coastal Somali city run by al Qaeda-inspired rebels, so did the last of a generation of Italians who emigrated under Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Al Amoudi to Plant Rice in Ethiopia


Ethiopian born Saudi oil tycoon Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali al Amoudi had reached an agreement with the Ethiopian government to acquire 110,000 hectares of prime farmlands.

Life as a girl soldier in Eritrea


Ian Brimacombe reports on a woman who fought in the Eritrean struggle for independence from Ethiopia. She was just 13 when she became a soldier. She spent the next 16 years fighting in a brutal guerrilla war.

Cheaper Piracy Patrols off Somalia Needed, U.S. Official Says

By Peter S. Green

The U.S. says it wants to find cheaper options to battle pirates off the coast of Somalia, as an international naval force has pushed the seaborne brigands from the 1 million square miles of the Gulf of Aden into an area twice that size in the Indian Ocean.

Somalia, Again

By Alex Perry / Nairobi
On the night of Sept. 21 last year, U.S. diplomatic staff in South Africa were telephoned at home and told not to go to work the next day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drought-hit Somaliland pleads for aid

HARGEISA, 16 February 2010 - Officials in Somalia's self-declared independent republic of Somaliland have appealed to the international community to provide humanitarian aid for hundreds of thousands of people, especially children, in the wake of prolonged drought.

Arabs losing Somaliland to Israel!

Somaliland people are Sunni Muslims with Arabic roots. The origin of major Somaliland tribes like Samaroon and Darood are from Yemen, while Isaaq tribe is from Iraq and has connected to Al-Ahlu Bait (the family tree of Prophet Mohamed PUBH).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Israeli mayor to unleash bulldozers in Al-Quds

The mayor of Jerusalem Al-Quds is pushing through plans to raze dozens of Arab properties southeast of the city, claiming that the structures are 'illegal.'

On the orders of Nir Barkat, the Israeli municipal staff of the city have begun coordinating with the police before bulldozers are set on the Silwan neighborhood, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday.

Kenya corruption inquiries widen

(President Kibaki called for a three-month investigation)
By Will Ross
Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki has asked eight senior officials to step down pending inquiries into two corruption scandals.
One involves the reported loss of $26m in a subsidised maize scam.
The other centres on the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the education ministry.