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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Khat imports to UK hit by ash cloud

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten alleged pirates transferred to Netherlands

Somaliland finally prepares presidential polls

Djibouti parliament removes presidential term limits

Somaliland court sentences 3 to death for attacks

Obama gives Treasury broader authority to deal with deteriorating security in Somalia

Obama blocks assets of Somali group linked to Al Qaeda

Nabadda yaa iska leh oo loo doonayaa?

Nabadda yaa iska leh oo loo doonayaa?

Mark Bradbury iyo Sally Healy
Nabadda yaa iskaleh oo loo doonayaa? sideebaa xidhiid logu samaynkaraa Somalida nabadda doonaysa iyo beesha caalamka
Muddo labaatan sano si diblomaasiyad ah iyo awood millatari midba waxa surta-geli weydey sidii dawlad looga samayn lahaa Somalia. Dawladihii ka dhashay soo dhexgalka nabadaynta beesha caalamka, dhammaantood way ku guuldarraysteen inay curiyaan awood dawladeed iyo inay sugaan nabadda iyo ammaanka iyo adeegga bulshada Somaliyeed.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Event of the 29th anniversary of the formation of SNM and re-launch of Weerane book


This event was sponsored by Medeshi Media Group ( http://www.medeshi.com/ ) and SAFI organisation and was held  at Willesden Green Library in North London on the 9th of April 2010.
The first part of the event covered the book of Weerane written by M Baraud Ali while the second was dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the formation of SNM which took place in London on  April 6 1981 .

Riots at Somaliland football stadium leaves many injured


APA-At least one person has been seriously wounded and several others were injured in riots at a football stadium in the capital city of the northern Somali break away Republic of Somaliland, Hargeisa, about 1,600 kilometres north-west of Mogadishu late on Monday.

The day the music died: Somali Islamists ban songs

MOGADISHU: Somali radio stations have stopped broadcasting music following an order from Islamist insurgents who say songs are un-Islamic.

Winning Hearts and Minds? Examining the Relationship Between Aid and Security in Kenya

By Mark Bradbury and Michael Kleinman
This case study on Kenya, researched and written by Mark Bradbury and Michael Kleinman, is the first in a series of publications presenting the findings of a two-year FIC comparative study on the relationship between aid and security in northeastern Kenya and in five provinces of Afghanistan.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Somali Toxic Waste Imports


"Somaliland: time of trial",

Ernst Jan Hogendoorn in OpenDemocracy - ICG
The Horn of Africa’s unsought status as one of the most volatile regions in the world is underlined by the deep-rooted conflict in Somalia and the endemic tension between Ethiopia and Eritrea. This makes even more impressive and welcome the progress of the self-declared independent state of Somaliland in creating a stable, rules-based government.

Investigators say no problems with Polish plane


WARSAW: Russian investigators say readings from flight recorders indicate that there were no technical problems with Polish President Lech Kaczynski's Soviet-made plane that crashed, killing him and 95 other people.

UK worst in Europe for reliance on 'no torture' deals for deportations - new report

Amnesty International
The UK has today been singled out for heavy criticism in a new report from Amnesty International on the practice among European countries of striking “no torture” deals with foreign countries as a means to deport people it labels a threat to national security.

It's Not A Crime, It's A Right


The Somali pirates, largely stymied in their efforts to take ships in the crowded Gulf of Aden, are increasingly stealing sea going fishing boats or small, sail powered transports, and heading for the high seas. Anti-piracy patrol warships are catching and destroying the sea going pirate mother-ships.