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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Q&A with K'Naan of Somalia

Grant Wahl | Q& A with K'Naan

If you're a soccer fan and you haven't heard the music of K'Naan, chances are about 100 percent that you will soon. A rising star who was born in war-ravaged Somalia before emigrating to Toronto as a teenager, K'Naan is the man behind "Wavin' Flag," the enormously catchy song that will be heard in World Cup stadiums and in TV ads as Coke's official 2010 World Cup anthem.

Mohamed Al Fayed Sells Harrods For £1.5bn

Harrods at night

(Medeshi.com) - Sky News

Harrods has been sold by Mohamed Al Fayed for £1.5bn to the Qatari royal family.The Egyptian businessman said in a statement he wished to retire after 25 years in charge of the flagship Knightsbridge department store.

Taiwanese vessel hijacked by pirates off Somalia

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A Taiwanese fishing boat was hijacked by pirates off the Somali coast who demanded a ransom for the crew, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

Giving hope in Horn of Africa

City native to be honored
WORCESTER — Jonathan Starr said some people have reacted incredulously upon learning that he abandoned a lucrative career as an investment banker to move to Africa and pursue a far less financially rewarding path.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Edward Davey MP : A record of getting things done locally

(Medeshi.com) -Election results .
The result in Kingston and Surbiton.
Edward Davey :                        28,428
Conservative :                           20,868
Labour         :                            5,337
UKIP         :                              1,450
Green          :                             555
Monster Raving Loony Party :  247
Christian Peoples Alliance    :   226
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Ethiopia: Exports resume through Djibouti, but imports still stranded

By Groum Abate  -The Capital
After an eight day halt, exports from Ethiopia have resumed temporarily after authorities in Djibouti gave the green light, but imports bound for Ethiopia are still at the port. According to an email sent to freight forwarders in Djibouti, authorities announced that exports from Ethiopia resumed temporarily as of Tuesday, April 20.

Somali Pirates vs. Islamists: A Dispute Over Business


Even by the jaded standards of the failed state of Somalia, this week's news was enough to raise eyebrows: one of the country's two competing Islamist factions, Hizbul Islam, stormed into the coastal city of Harardhere and drove out the pirates who have run amok in the waters off the Horn of Africa, wreaking havoc on global shipping and confounding the world's navies.

Somali Pirates Continue to Plague the Horn of Africa

Written by John Daly  
The Horn of Africa has become a hotbed of piracy due to outdated maritime laws, the lack of a Somali government and gut-wrenching poverty.
Where there is a sea, there are pirates. - Greek proverb

Somali Islamists threaten US after blasts


Somaliland : Education for All!


This little girl entertained the audience during the 1 GOAL Action Week kick off in the Nasa Hablood School in Somaliland. Photo: NRC Somalia
1Goal Campaign:
Education for All!

Kaja Haldorsen (30.04.2010)
The 1Goal campaign united children and teachers worldwide in one demand: Education for all! The reports from Norwegian Refugee Council’s staff around the world witness about enthusiasm, engagement and a lot of creativity around the various campaign activities.

Somaliland President meets French Foreign Minister in Paris

Friday the 7th of May 2010.
President Dahir Riyale and the accompanying delegates met today the French foreign minister and other dignitaries of the French government in Paris , according to the  press release about  Riyale's trip.

Somaliland needs own plan for climate change

 HARGEISA, 7 May 2010 (IRIN) - The human and environmental disruption wreaked by drought in Somaliland, where more than 60 percent of people raise livestock for a living, means the self-declared, but barely recognized, independent state should draw up its own plan for climate change adaptation, according to a new report.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eritrea accused of prisoner abuse


 A former Eritrean prison guard says at least 15 former high-ranking government officials and journalists have died in jail due to inhumane conditions.
Eyob Bhata Habtemariam, who managed a team of up to 10 guards in two jails for political prisoners for over nine years, is seeking refuge in neighbouring Ethiopia.
He told Al Jazeera that inmates at the Eritrean jails had been subjected to extreme temperatures and provided with inadequate food, water or medical attention.
The detainees were arrested in a government crackdown on dissenting officials and journalists accused of plotting a coup in 2001.
Eritrea has not commented on Habtemariam's accusations.
Andrew Simmons reports from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
Link: http://www.medeshi.com/2010/05/eritrea-accused-of-prisoner-abuse.html (Al Jazeera)
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Ethiopia - Police Break Up Oromo People’s Congress Rally in Moyale

By Meleskachew Amaha, VOA News.
Washington DC- During a campaign tour of Ethiopia's southern Oromiya, the Oromo People’s Congress party chairman, Merera Gudina, traveled to Moyale to speak at a campaign rally leading up to the May 23 national parliamentary election.

Russian marines free tanker, capture Somali pirates

MOSCOW (AFP) - Russian marines on Thursday stormed a hijacked Russian oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden in a daring early morning raid, killing one of the Somali pirates aboard and capturing another 10.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Deadly explosions hit Somalia mosques

By Tristan McConnell - GlobalPost
NAIROBI, Kenya — Another bloody week in Mogadishu was on the face of it like so many others: dozens of civilians blown to pieces or maimed by explosions, shot to death or injured.

Hargeisa Flood control and management project


Link: http://www.medeshi.com/2010/05/hargeisa-flood-control-and-management.html
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UAE's Red Crescent medical team performs Somaliland's first electronic cochlear implant

WAM HARGEISA, SOMALIA, May 5th, 2010: A medical team mobilized by the the UAE Red Crescent Authority, or RCA, to Somalia has surgically implanted an electronic cochlear implant on a deaf Somali lady's ear in the first-of-its-kind operation in the Horn of Africa country.

Pirates seize Russian oil tanker off Somalia

 Pirates in the Gulf of Aden Wednesday seized a Russian-operated oil tanker with a crew of 23 that had been on its way to China, the European Union naval force said.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teza': Ethiopia's tortured history, as seen through a disillusioned man's eyes

By Ted Fry . The Seattle Times
"Teza" is a remarkable portrait of the tortured political and social history of late-20th-century Ethiopia, as captured through the eyes of a disillusioned man who journeys through elation and devastation in his search for a personal ideological truth.
Both intimate and sprawling in its scope and reach, "Teza" is a remarkable portrait of the tortured political and social history that Ethiopia suffered in the last decades of the 20th century.

Explosion at Somali mosque in southern city-witnesses


MOGADISHU, May 2 (Reuters) - An explosion at a mosque in the southern Somali port city of Kismayu killed at least one person and wounded more worshippers on Sunday, witnesses said.

Repeating Prior Mistakes in Somalia

For Medeshi.com by By Scott A Morgan
In May 2010 the United States will once again launch an effort to train elements of the Armed Forces of the Transitional National Government in Somalia. Hopefully this effort will yield better results than previous efforts.

African Union Under Fire over Alleged War Atrocities in Somalia

(Medeshi.com)- by AFRO Staff

    A road patrol from the Ugandan  Arican Union contingent in Mogadishu, November 2007. (Courtesy Photo)
The African Union (AU) and its supporters are denying any role in ongoing fighting in Somalia, with the AU saying it is not circumventing any laws while trying to stamp out a sizeable Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda-linked insurgency in the country.
Since the fighting began in 2007, over 21,000 people have been killed and 3 million have required humanitarian aid.
Aid agencies and human rights groups say that the AU has been just as guilty as the insurgents when it comes to violence against regular Somalis. The AU denies that claim, saying that terrorists are responsible for those acts.

Challengers Face Long Odds in Bid to Unseat Ethiopian Rulers

With three weeks to go before Ethiopia elects a new parliament, one opposition candidate has been murdered. Another's house has been attacked with grenades.
Both incidents occurred in the mountainous northern Tigray region, home of the former guerrilla fighters who seized power in Ethiopia 19 years ago. The heroes of the revolution are facing their first real challenge on their home turf.

Somali Islamist insurgents seize pirate haven


Somali insurgents have taken control of one of the main pirate havens in the south of the country.
Residents said several hundred rebels of the group Hizbul Islam had taken over the coastal town of Haradhere and that the pirates had fled.