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Saturday, May 15, 2010

EIA’s Energy Outlook for 2010 Reveals Disturbing Figures


Posted: 15 May 2010 07:02 AM PDT
The Energy Information Administration just released their Annual Energy Outlook for 2010: Annual Energy Outlook 2010
It is about 220 pages long, and therefore I haven’t had a chance to read it thoroughly. But in my skimming of it so far, there are a few interesting items to note. One of the things I was most curious about was whether they would show this scary graph that appeared in the 2009 Annual Energy Outlook:
World Liquid Fuel Supplies
Let that sink in for a just a minute. What that says is that
Read more @ : http://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/EIAs-Energy-Outlook-for-2010-Reveals-Disturbing-Figures.html?

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Disputed Nile agreement signed

|Medeshi.com| Al Jazeera |

Disputed Nile agreement signed

Egypt, whose 80 million people live near or on the river, opposes the Nile Basin deal [EPA]
Four African countries have signed a new treaty on the equitable sharing of the Nile waters despite strong opposition from Egypt and Sudan who have the major share of the river waters.
Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania - four of nine Nile Basin countries - signed the new framework on Friday while Kenya issued a support statement.
Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the other Nile Basin countries, were not represented at the meeting in the Ugandan city of Entebbe.

'Deadly attack' on Yemeni convoy


'Deadly attack' on Yemeni convoy
At least two soldiers are said to have died and five others wounded after suspected separatist fighters reportedly ambushed the convoy of the Yemeni president in the Radfan district of southern Lahj province.
According to sources, the cars of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president, was shot at by gunmen on Saturday.
But Saleh was not in the motorcade when it was ambushed.

The countdown: UDUB party set to sweep votes in Somaliland elections

|Medeshi.com| Elections |
With the distribution of identity cards in Somaliland already under way the reality of holding elections to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Somaliland independence is becoming more definite. With the exception of small incidents in Eastern Sanaag and the capital, Hargeisa , the distribution of identity cards has so far been successful according to the local media .

Egypt and Sudan oppose Nile deal - al jazeera Video


Link: http://www.medeshi.com/2010/05/egypt-and-sudan-oppose-nile-deal-al.html

Alberta woman held hostage in Somalia starts scholarship fund for women there

|Medeshi.com| By Shannon Montgomery, The Canadian Press |

CALGARY - An Alberta woman who was held hostage for more than 15 months in Somalia has started a foundation to send women in the war-torn country to university. 

Pics : Celebration of Somaliland Independence day - Sellby Centre - London

|Medeshi.com| Sellby Centre | London | 14/05/2010 : Photos taken by  : M. Ali - Medeshi editor.

Somalia calls Russia to account over pirate deaths


Federal judge delays US piracy trial for 6 Somalis


NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — A federal judge has postponed the U.S. trial of six Somali nationals charged with piracy off the coast of Africa to give both sides more time to prepare.

UN chief: Piracy may be first international crime (Xinhua)

UNITED NATIONS -- "Piracy may be the first international crime," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said here Friday as he reiterated a "change in strategy is needed" to combat the longstanding issue and bring international cooperation at the forefront.

Exploring a Somaliland camel market


Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, is built on an oasis used by nomads since ancient times. It's been a center for camel and livestock trading for centuries. Hargeisa's camel market, the Saylada Hoolaha as it's called in Somali, is a huge and dusty field a mile from the city center. Most of the day it´s used as playground by schoolchildren, but between 7 and 12 a.m. the scene is taken over by camels, goats, sheep, cows, their respective owners and of course prospective owners. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Somali pirates release UK tanker


Somali pirates have released a British-flagged ship with 26 crew on board after a ransom was paid, the EU anti-piracy mission (Eunavfor) says.
Its statement says the ransom was dropped to the pirates holding the St James Park chemical tanker at Somalia's port of Garacaad on Thursday.


Despite the violence, a serious humanitarian crisis and an over 20 year conflict devastating the country, Somalia remains a thriving market for some businesses, reveals the Wall Street Journal in an article entitled “Telecom Firms Thrive in Somalia despite War, Shattered Economy”, stressing that despite “the absence of any government-regulated phone or Internet access”…

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hargeisa: a capital in search of a country


For a people without an official nation, Somalilanders sure love their flag.
It's everywhere--painted on doors, flying from government buildings and private homes, hanging from rear view mirrors, worn on belt buckles and even knitted into a cap like this barber is wearing in the photo.

Somaliland to vote in presidential poll on June 26


HARGEISA (Reuters) - The breakaway enclave of Somaliland will vote in a long-awaited presidential election on June 26 after a string of delays angered the opposition and worried rights groups, its electoral commission said on Thursday.

Istanbul Conference Eyes Optimism For Somalis


Somalia : Departing pirates leave Haradhere merchants out of pocket


Photo: SCDO
Watering livestock in the Mudug region, central Somalia (file photo): Haradhere town, in Mudug, had become notorious as a piracy base
NAIROBI, 13 May 2010 (IRIN) - Merchants in Somalia's central town of Haradhere, formerly a pirate stronghold, are counting their losses after the pirates, whose presence had inflated the price of basic goods, were forced out of town by Islamist insurgents in late April.

Middlemen negotiate pirate ransoms

|Medeshi.com| By MALKHADIR M. MUHUMED (AP)

NAIROBI, Kenya — It's a job few people can list on their resume: pirate middleman.
A Somali who used to import soft drinks and didn't go beyond the seventh grade says he's made hundreds of thousands of dollars brokering deals to free ships and their valuable cargos after pirates attack.

Egypt won't give up one drop of Nile water rights


CAIRO — Egypt is refusing to relinquish a drop of its legal right to the lion's share of Nile river water, despite demands from other African countries for a more equitable sharing agreement.

Ethiopia and China sign a $459 million hydro-electric project agreement for Gibe III


Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) and China's Dongfang Electric Corporation signed a $459 million loan accord on Wednesday that will enable the Chinese company to execute the electro and hydro-mechanical works of the Gibe III Hydroelectric Project, ENA reported. The agreement was signed by the chief executive of the Ethiopian Electricity Power Corporation (EEPCo), Mihret Debebe and the president of the Dongfang Electric Corporation, Luo Zhigang.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Piracy In The Puntland Region of Somalia

Latest Oil, Gas and INvestor news; Oil Price.com

|Medeshi.com|Written by Kerin Backhaus
The Puntland region of Somalia has, in recent years, been increasingly seen as the springboard for piracy against commercial vessels operating in and through the Gulf of Aden at the foot of the Red Sea, and in the region to the East of the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland adventure: getting to nowhere

One of the tempting things about travel in Ethiopia is the proximity to other nations offering a variety of different experiences. I decided that my two-month trip would include a side trip to Somaliland.
The first reaction most people have when I say I've been to Somaliland is, "You went to Somalia? Are you crazy?"

Somali pirates seize Greek ship


Pirates have seized a Greek-owned ship with 23 people on board in the Gulf of Aden, the ship's managers say.
The Eleni P, which is managed by Eurobulk, was carrying a cargo of iron ore from the Black Sea to China.
Eurobulk's Marcos Vassilikos told the BBC that pirates fired shots when they took the ship, but that the crew were not thought to have been injured.

Plane crash in Libya 'kills more than 100 on board'

A passenger plane has crashed in Libya, killing more than 100 people on board, officials in the capital Tripoli say.
The Airbus 330 crashed on landing at Tripoli airport after a flight from Johannesburg, Afriqiya Airways said.
Several dozen Dutch nationals were among the 93 passengers, Dutch officials say. A Dutch boy was the sole survivor, the Libyans say.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Freed Somali pirates 'probably died' - Russian source


Ten suspected Somali pirates captured by the Russian navy last week may have perished after their release, a defence source in Moscow has told reporters.Marines seized them during a dramatic operation to free a hijacked Russian oil tanker far from shore, killing an 11th suspect in the gun battle.

Cameron is new UK prime minister


Conservative leader David Cameron has become the new prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will be his deputy prime minister in the UK's first coalition government in 70 years.
Mr Cameron, who at 43 is the youngest PM in nearly 200 years, vowed to set aside party differences and govern "in the national interest".
His party won the most seats in the general election last week, but not an overall Commons majority.
The Lib Dem parliamentary party and its federal executive endorsed the coalition agreement by the required three-quarters majority at a meeting that broke up just after midnight.
Downing Street had said earlier that the Queen had approved Mr Clegg's appointment.

Critics say UN envoy to Somalia should resign

Since Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah became the U.N. envoy for Somalia three years ago, fighting in the capital has killed thousands of civilians, and extremists have carried out public stonings and amputations as they solidify their hold.

Clinton seeks to bolster Somalia's weak government

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets Somalia's president on Thursday, showing U.S. support for a fragile government that is battling militants including al Shabaab insurgents.

Monday, May 10, 2010

For Africa to be free, its political fathers must die

By By Charles Onyango-Obbo - East African
In 2002, the deep divisions in Kenya’s ruling Kanu party, allowed the National Rainbow Coalition led by President Mwai Kibaki to score an unprecedented landslide for an opposition party in Africa.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tribalism in Somaliland political parties

(Medeshi.com) -  | updated |
Whoever Somaliland people choose in the coming presidential elections will emerge out as a result of undesired outcome of clan devotion for the opposition political parties in Somaliland. The fact that certain Isaaq clans are devoted supporters of both KULMIYE and UCID parties makes it very unlikely for these two parties to defeat the incumbent UDUB party’s leadership, therefore, shifting the bulk of voters to UDUB.

Ethiopia rejects U.S. claims as Ambassador assumes office



After months of strong statements between Addis Ababa and Washington, over Ethiopia’s decision to jam Voice of America’s Amharic service, a new U.S Ambassador officially has assumed office in Addis Ababa.
Both Ethiopia and the U.S. had left their diplomatic posts in Addis Ababa and Washington vacant for several months. The Ethiopian Government is expected to fill the position with a new ambassador in Washington.

Ethiopia opposition stab policeman to death - Govt.

By Barry Malone
ADDIS ABABA, May 9 (Reuters) - The Ethiopian government said on Sunday a policeman had been stabbed to death, an attack it blamed on the opposition ahead of a national election this month.
Ethiopia's last election in 2005 ended with street riots and the jailing of politicians after both the ruling party and the opposition claimed victory.

Forget piracy, Somalia's whole 'global' economy is booming - to Kenya's benefit

(Medeshi.com)- East African
By Paul Goldsmith
The collapse of the Somali state in 1991 gave rise to the shopping mall phenomenon in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

Somali Islamists vow to free British hostages from pirates

Times Online
Jamal Osman Haradhere in Somalia

A HARDLINE Islamist group that has seized control of the Somali town of Haradhere has vowed to find Paul and Rachel Chandler, the British couple held hostage by pirates since last October, and release them unconditionally.