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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mogadishu Map: al Shabaab's Ramadan Offensive

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USA : White house Statements & Releases : Fact Sheet- Advancing Democracy and Human Rights


Somaliland : Maayorka Ceerigaabo oo Xadhigga Ka Jaray Dugsi-Xirfadeedka Candlelight.


USAID contributed over $700,000 to Somaliland presidential election process.


Street battles shake Somali capital

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Ethiopia - YouTube Coverage of Meles Zenawi protest at Columbia


Obama : 'Dictators, Democrats, Diplomats: Lend Me Your Earpieces'


Dutch free Somali-born British terror suspect

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Somalia: Integrated Support to Rural Livelihoods - Planned Activities Map - Deyr Season 2010

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Girl and boy die after mother locks five children into tiny cupboard for 10 HOURS

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Somaliland : Khat-chewing contributes to rise in Burao TB patients


After a Resignation, Can Somalia's Government Survive?


Somaliland Campus of Admas University College holds 2nd Graduation (Video)