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Thursday, October 21, 2010

In a Remote Region of Somaliland, Battling the Elements – and Monkeys – To Obtain Water


Somali Islamists parade new forces in capital


Somali schoolboy tells of how Islamists cut off his leg and hand

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Report: Western Presence Fuels Yemen, Somalia Insecurity

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Somaliland : No to Berbera port revenues under Silanyo


Yemen and Somalia: Terrorism, Shadow Networks and the Limitations of State-building


Ethiopia and China : Looking east

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Gulf of Aden Security Review - October 21, 2010

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Today Paul and Rachel Chandler complete one year in Captivity by Somali pirates


Mom of US hiker jailed in Iran expects Nov. trial


K'naan Still Tied to Somalia, in Heart and Music


$60bn US-Saudi arms deal OK'd

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Uganda police teargas opposition leader


African Union links international crime networks to Somali piracy

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Xajka iyo gudashadiisa


Somaliland: Somalia's success story

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Ethiopia Rejects Human Rights Watch Allegation It Used Aid for Repression


Freed Briton flies out of Somalia


Somalia : Turning the Tide

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