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Thursday, March 31, 2011

(قال تعالى : ولقد خلقنا السّموات والأرض وما بينهما في ستة أيّام وما مسّنا من لّغوب(ق) About this World and it's building:


Question marks over reported Libya defections


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The glossary of greed

The glossary of greed -Joan Baxter - 2011-03-30, Issue 523
This year’s Forbes List of the world’s wealthiest people is out. On the heels of the global financial crisis, with sky-rocketing food prices, climate change already making life even more difficult for poor farmers in developing countries, with conflict and political turmoil around the world and with a billion or so people going to bed (if they have one) hungry every night, the super-rich are doing very well for themselves indeed.

Hargeisa : UN plans to build two more prisons in Somalia


Somaliland Government Plans to Enforce Compliance on Tax, Double Revenue

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Eritrea to U.N.: Take This Aid And Shove It

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Gulf of Aden Security Review - M arch 31, 2011

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