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Saturday, September 3, 2011

COUNTER-PIRACY UPDATES - 03. September 2011

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Today, 03. September 2011 at 19h45 UTC, at least 33 larger plus 18 smaller foreign vessels plus one stranded barge are kept in Somali hands against the will of their owners, while at least 558 hostages or captives - including a South-African yachting couple as well as a Danish yacht-family with three children and two friends - suffer to be released.
But even EU NAVFOR, who mostly only counts high-value, often British insured vessels, admitted now that many dozens of vessels were sea-jacked despite their multi-million Euro efforts to protect shipping.

Ethiopia rebels attack in Ogaden

|Medeshivalley.com|By LUC VAN KEMENADE - Associated Press|
ADDIS ABABA : Ethiopian rebels said Thursday they killed 25 soldiers protecting a Chinese oil exploration company called PetroTrans. It was not possible to verify the claims made by the rebels.

11 Somali children die in fire

At least eleven Somali children have died and more than 70 other people were left injured as fire broke out near Jowhar town north of the country's capital Press TV reported.

Somali leaders to hold rare conference in Mogadishu

NAIROBI — Somali leaders will hold a rare three-day conference in the war-torn capital Mogadishu next week in an effort to resolve 20 years of turmoil and set up plans for a new government.

Somalia : Clashes kill 27 in Puntland

Clashes between pro-government troops and Al-Shabab militants have killed 27 in Somalia’s northern breakaway republic of Puntland, a Home Ministry official reports. He said that unrest occurred two days before a conference on elections.
Puntland is unrecognized republic that split from Somalia together with Somaliland in 1991 after the ouster of dictator Siad Barre.  Only Somalia with the capital in Mogadishu is internationally acknowledged.
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Couple held hostage by pirates to set sail again

|Medeshivalley.com|By Alice Wyllie|scotsman.com |
PAUL and Rachel Chandler, the retired British couple who were held captive by Somali pirates for more than a year, are preparing to set sail round the world again as soon as their damaged boat is fixed.

Somalia: Stop Unfair Trials, Executions - HRW

Transitional Federal Government Military Court Violates Human Rights

Friday, September 2, 2011

A review of real economic developments across SA, Africa and the world

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SOMALILAND IN PORT DEAL WITH CHINA BUSINESSMAN – Somaliland strikes a deal with Chinese businessmen to extend its Berbera port as well as to build a refinery and new roads in the breakaway northern enclave, its President says. ...

Libya: 5 foreign oil companies back working

|Medeshivalley.com|ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press|
PARIS (AP) — At least five foreign oil and gas companies are back in Libya to work on resuscitating production, a Libyan official said Friday, as the country's interim leadership sought guidance from U.N. and other experts on stabilizing the nation following strongman Moammar Gadhafi's ouster.

Ethiopian Forces, Rebels Clash in Ogaden Oil Exploration Region

|Medeshivalley.com|Peter Heinlein - VOA | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia|

This map of the area where clashes took place was sent as part of a communique issued by ONLF rebels announcing the clash, September 2, 2011

Another Declaration of War along Sudan's Border


New conflict breaks out in Sudan...

Turkey provides scholarships for 500 Somali students

|Medeshivalley.com|TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL|

Current Somali students reside close to their universities. Next year, 500 students will study in Turkey according to a newly announced scholarship program, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said.

Malaysian TV station says 1 of its journalists shot dead in Somali capital

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MOGADISHU, Somalia — A Malaysian journalist was shot dead in the Somali capital Friday, his employer said.

CPJ concerned about detained Ethiopian journalists

New York, September 1, 2011--The Committee to Protect Journalists holds Ethiopia responsible for the well-being of two journalists detained without charge or legal access since June under the country's far-reaching anti-terrorism law.

Ethiopia expels Amnesty group, jails opposition party leaders

|Medeshivalley.com|By Argaw Ashine | Daily Monitor |
Ethiopia has expelled a delegation of international rights group, the Amnesty International, and detained two opposition party leaders. Amnesty said its delegation was on an official visit to the Horn of Africa country.

Will the US be the last developed economy to go cashless?

|Medeshivalley.com|finextra |
In the Philippines, Kenya, Somaliland, Nigeria, Senegal, India and other such locations, the success of mobile payments and remittances is starting to see a dramatic shift in the day-to-day operation of the economy. In Somaliland where there are no ...

The Muslim Experience in Minnesota - Meet Police Officer Abdiwahab Ali

|Medeshivalley.com|Star tribune |by: Zafar Siddiqui |
The Muslim Experience in Minnesota project aims to capture and convey the Muslim experience in Minnesota through oral interviews and photographic portraits. This Minnesota Historical Society funded project documented 40 Minnesota Muslims chosen carefully to represent a diverse collection of experiences.
Continuing in the series of interviews from the Muslim Experience in Minnesota project, in this entry, I feature police officer Abdiwahab Ali.
Transcript of Abdiwahab Ali Interview:
My name is Abdiwahab Ali. I’m a police officer with the Minneapolis Police Department at this time and I have been a police officer working on the street for the past about three years and a couple months.

Mine blast kills 14 soldiers in Somalia

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At least 14 Somali government soldiers have been killed and 25 others gravely injured by a land mine explosion targeting a military vehicle in the country's southwest, Press TV reports.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lindhout returns to Somalia after kidnapping

|Medeshivalley.com|CBC News |
Amanada Lindhout visited refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya, where most of the population is Somalis fleeing the famine in their country. (Curt Petrovich/CBC)

Billing dispute reveals details on CIA rendition flights

A billing dispute in New York has revealed details of secret CIA rendition flights that transported terror suspects around the world following the 9/11 attacks, court documents reviewed Thursday show.

Four die in clashes between Puntland forces, militias

|Medeshivalley.com|AHN |by Mohamed Shiil |
At least four people were killed and six others wounded in confrontations Thursday between Puntland security forces and freelance militia in the Garsoor district of Puntland’s northern town of Galkacyo.

Somalia Famine & Drought Situation Report

This report is produced by OCHA Somalia in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It was issued by OCHA in New York. It covers the period from 24 to 30 August 2011. The next report will be issued on 6 September 2011.

HORN OF AFRICA: Thinking outside the traditional funding box


Photo: Kk+/Flickr
Canada-based Somali musician K'Naan has visited Mogadishu to raise awareness about the crisis
NAIROBI, 1 September 2011 (IRIN) - The race to feed more than 12 million people facing severe food shortages in the Horn of Africa has seen humanitarian agencies make several funding appeals. Donor governments have contributed more than US$1.46 billion out of the required $2.48 billion.

So far, so traditional. What has not been counted has been the response of ordinary people in the region to the disaster unfolding on their TV screens. Here is a round-up of some initiatives that have tapped into popular philanthropy.

AmeriCares Building a Field Hospital for Somalis Suffering from Famine


Lifesaving care will aid starving refugees
STAMFORD, Conn.Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AmeriCares is building and equipping a field hospital for the thousands of refugees fleeing the devastating famine in Somalia. Tens of thousands have already died and officials say 12.4 million people in the Horn of Africa need immediate humanitarian relief from the worst drought in more than a half century.  

Ethiopia : Gender-Based Violence Emergency Program Manager

|Medeshivalley.com| IRC |

Gender-Based Violence Emergency Program Manager
Sector:Gender Based Violence  
Employee Type:Regular  
Employee Category:Full Time  

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conflict and Peace : Conciliation Resources News Bulletin Summer 2011


News Bulletin Summer 2011

Eid celebrations in Dadaab Somali refugees camp in Kenya (photos included )

As Muslims across the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of the month of Ramadan, with feasts and the exchange of gifts, the scene is somewhat different in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How the queen of Khat got so rich

|Medeshivalley.com|By Philipp Hedemann|DIE WELT/Worldcrunch|
For many Africans khat is a stimulant drug that also stills hunger pangs. But the world’s biggest seller of khat doesn’t fit the typical profile of a drug dealer. Indeed, throughout much of the continent it is legal.
For many Africans khat is a stimulant drug that also stills hunger pangs. But the world’s biggest seller of khat doesn’t fit the typical profile of a drug dealer.
In Somaliland, not a lot works. Somaliland is a republic in the north of Somalia, which, although it declared itself a sovereign state, is not internationally recognized as such. But one thing you can count on here: Suhura Ismail’s trucks, driven at breakneck speed, arriving as regular as clockwork every night on the unpaved roads. The trucks are delivering khat, a drug that is mostly forbidden in Europe.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Somalia: Why do only Muslims starve?

|Medeshivalley.com|By ABDULATEEF AL-MULHIM | Arab News |
When we studied geography during my school days, Somalia was one of the countries that fascinated us with its agricultural products. There were Saudis in the sixties who would travel to Somalia and talk about how fertile the land was. And would bring with them some of these products to families in Saudi Arabia.

Somali chief’s visit to Puntland region opens way for national reconciliation–UN


President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed of Somalia
29 August 2011 – 
Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed recent visit to the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland is a step forward on the path to national reconciliation in the faction-wracked country, a senior United Nations official said today.The visit, facilitated by the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), comes ahead of a high-level consultative meeting in Mogadishu, the capital, from 4 to 6 September, which aims to launch the process of giving the strife-torn country its first functioning national Government by next August in more that two decades.

Somalia ends row with Puntland

|Medeshivalley.com|Daily Monitor | By ABDULKADIR KHALIF |
Somalia and Puntland have seemingly resolved their differences after Transitional Federal Government President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed made a surprise visit to the semi-autonomous state Sunday.

Obama Widens War in Somalia

|Medeshivalley.com|By Sherwood Ross |MWC News |
Led by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the U.S. is stepping up its war in Somalia, The Nation magazine reports.

Dowladda Soomaaliya iyo Dowlad Goboleedka Puntland oo heshiis wada gaaray (Daawo Qodobada Heshiiska)

|Medeshivalley.com| HOL |
Dowladda Soomaaliya iyo Dowlad Goboleedka Puntland oo heshiis wada gaaray (Daawo Qodobada Heshiiska)

Amid Opposition to Leaked UN Plan for Libya, UN Refuses to Answer

|Medeshivalley.com|By Matthew Russell Lee| Inner citypress | 
UNITED NATIONS, August 29 -- After Inner City Press obtained and published the UN's plan for Libya, complete with 200 military observers and the expectation of NATO maintaining a role, the plan's author Ian Martin refused to answer questions, telling Inner City Press that "it's an internal document."

Libya's Qaddafi in Algeria

TRIPOLI, Libya: Members of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s family were reported Monday to have arrived in Algeria, a neighbor Libyan rebels have accused of supporting the ousted regime. The report cited Algeria’s Foreign Affairs Ministry as saying the family entered the neighboring country on Monday. It did not immediately provide additional details or say whether Qaddafi himself was with the family.


Today, 28. August 2011 at 20h00 UTC, at least 32 larger plus 18 smaller foreign vessels plus one stranded barge are kept in Somali hands against the will of their owners, while at least 545 hostages or captives - including a South-African yachting couple as well as a Danish yacht-family with three children and two friends - suffer to be released.But even EU NAVFOR, who mostly only counts high-value, often British insured vessels, admitted now that many dozens of vessels were sea-jacked despite their multi-million Euro efforts to protect shipping.

Somali militants behead boys in Mogadishu attacks

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab militants beheaded at least two young boys in Mogadishu, an activist said on Friday, in the latest of a string of attacks showing they still had the power to strike despite a well publicised withdrawal.

Somali goats in demand

|Medeshivalley.com| omanobserver.|

By Conrad Prabhu - MUSCAT — Soaring demand for relatively affordable Somali goats has all but ended the long-standing dominance of Australian livestock as the preferred source of fresh meat for the traditional Eid al Fitr family meal, thanks to the skyrocketing cost of imports from Down Under. According to local dealers, Australian sheep, which have long held sway over the livestock market in the Sultanate, have now given way to goats from the Horn of Africa, as well as some volumes of imported cattle.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mt Kilimanjaro and Beyond

|Medeshivalley.com|Alysha Atma |

Kilimanjaro and Beyond, inspiring, full of laughter, honesty and questions! – Alysha Atma
“I had never intended to set out on a journey to change my life? As far as I was concerned, my life was just fine the way it was. However, someone once said that life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”
Barry Finlay broke out of his comfortable retirement to find that the life on the other side of the mountain is inspiring; that smiles, strength and perseverance can change futures, opportunities and generations. Climbing a mountain – Kilimanjaro was but a small part of his journey.  
“Perhaps the word “climbed” doesn’t sufficiently describe it, as we have also scrambled, struggled, clung, slipped and slid.”
Laugh out Loud, a rollercoaster of questions, “Can we really do this?” This book is honest, funny and truly written from the heart.

Saudi Arabia : Al Saud must come come down

Despite the Saudis claiming to be the Custodians of the Holly Mosques , yet they have deported our young children and pregnant women to dangerous war torn Somalia http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-10816830 . That was hypocrisy and Al Saud must come down like Gaddafi, Mubarak and the rest of the strong Arab men that manipulated others to control the poor.
The West must recognize that blood is thicker than oil and stop protecting  unjust regimes in the world  including Saudi Arabia.
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Somaliland: the defenseless democracy

|Medeshivalley.com|By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye|Asian Tribune |
The absence of international ties tellingly shows how Somaliland democracy has been suffocated. Our deep yearning for fully grown democracy has been continuously under threat from various forces that have no common currency apart from hatred against Somaliland’s prosperity and well-being!

Barbaric Executions of the Helpless Somalis in Saudi Arabia

|Medeshivalley.com|Re-published |

Medeshi 15 Oct, 2008
Barbaric Executions of the helpless Somalis in Saudi arabia
Following is an excerpt from the Amnesty International Report on the Barbarism against the poor Somalis and others who don’t have governments to speak for them:On the morning of 4 April 2005, six young Somali nationals were taken from their prison cells in Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia, and beheaded in public. Announcing the executions, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior stated that the six had been convicted of robberies, and that their executions were ordered in October 2004.

The astonishing secret diaries of Paul and Rachel Chandler held by Somali pirates for 13 months.

|Medeshivalley.com||By PAUL AND RACHEL CHANDLER| Mailonline |
The Chandlers spent years working for their dream: to sail around the world in their 38ft yacht Lynn Rival, leaving the rat race trailing in its wake. And when they retired – Paul was a civil engineer, Rachel a government economist – they embarked on the journey of a lifetime. 
By October 2009, they had left their home in Kent far behind, visiting the Aegean, the Red Sea, the coast of India and the Maldives, recording their voyage in meticulous diaries.

FACTBOX-Ships held by Somali pirates

Aug 28 (Reuters) - Somali pirates have freed a Greek-operated oil products tanker and its crew after holding them hostage for nearly 10 months, the vessel's manager said.

Kenya, Ethiopia support Somali militia — report

|Medeshivalley.com|By FRED OLUOCH| The East African|
A suspected Al Shabaab militant under arrest. TFG allied militia have been accused of human rights abuses Picture: File 

Iran to Send More Humanitarian Aids to Somalia

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Red Crescent Society (IRCS) plans to send more humanitarian aid cargos to the Somali people as the North African country is fighting drought and famine.

Somaliland Forum Elects New Executive Committee

|Medeshivalley.com|Press Release|
Somaliland Forum Election committee 2011/2012 hereby officially announces the result of the election for 5 members executive committee. The election was concluded on 28 April, 2011 and following members were elected as the Somaliland Forum Executive Committee for the year 2011-2012.

Technical & Program Coordinator, Somaliland

|Medeshivalley.com|Devex |
PSI is a leading global health organization with programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV and reproductive health. Working in partnership within the public and private sectors, and harnessing the power of the markets, PSI provides life-saving products, clinical services and behavior change communications that empower the world’s most vulnerable populations to lead healthier lives.

Wikileaks: Kenya still paying ghost Anglo leasing Companies

|Medeshivalley.com|By Jevans Nyabiage| The Standard |
Kenya continues to lose millions of shillings in corrupt payments to Anglo Leasing companies, according to a new cable by online whistleblower, WikiLeaks.