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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saudi Arabia mourns Prince Sultan

|Medeshivalley.com|By P.K. ABDUL GHAFOUR | ARAB NEWS|

Cardiff teenagers held by anti-terror unit in Kenya released without charge

|Medeshivalley.com|Clare Hutchinson, WalesOnline|
TWO Cardiff teenagers held in Kenya by anti-terror police have been released without charge.
Mohamed Abdirahman Mohamed, 18, and his friend, Khuram Shazad Iqbal, also 18, arrived back in the UK last night after being deported from Kenya on Wednesday morning.

Burundi's foray into Somalia increasingly costly

|Medeshivalley.com|By Esdras Ndikumana |AFP|
NAIROBI — Fighting Thursday evening in Somalia left six Burundians dead according to the army and more than 70 according to Shebab rebels who displayed dozens of bodies to witnesses.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Piracy is just a part of a capitalist system

|Medeshivalley.com| Christopher Caldwell|Financial Times |
Two weeks ago, US and British naval forces raided the Italian cargo ship, Montecristo, 600 miles off Somalia and released two dozen hostages. This week, with less fanfare, the British Navy rescued two dozen more – the Pakistani crew of a rickety dhow that had been commandeered by pirates and used as the mother ship for the Montecristo attack. The bad news is that Indian Ocean piracy is becoming an ordinary part of the shipping business; The International Maritime Bureau counts 350 attacks so far this year and ransoms now run about $4m an incident. The good news is that authorities are beginning to understand much more about piracy.

KENYA: Inter-ethnic clashes result in deaths, school closures


Inter-ethnic fighting has left 14 people dead in Isiolo district (file photo)
ISIOLO, 21 October 2011 (IRIN) - A flare-up in inter-ethnic fighting between communities in the northern Kenyan region of Isiolo over pasture and water has left at least 14 people dead and affected learning as schools closed amid rising insecurity, say officials.
Borana and Turkana pastoralists clashed several times between 13 and 18 October, according to UN reports.
On 14 October, for example, seven people were shot dead in Tractor village, Ngaremara Division, Isiolo. According to local media reports, they included two 12-year-old children, who were dragged out of their huts and shot as their parents watched.
According to Dominic Opee, the Isiolo District Education Officer, the insecurity in Ngaremara has led to the closure of at least six schools. “We are concerned that innocent children are losing a very important opportunity to access education,” said Opee.
An estimated 3,000 children in the Ngaremara and Central divisions are affected – even as pupils countrywide prepare for the main primary school leaving exams in November. 

Somaliland: French Delegation Signals Increased Cooperation

French Ambassador to Djibouti Rene Forceville met with President Siilaanyo to discuss economic assistance and trade relations between the two nations.

Somali murals: funky advertising in the Horn of Africa

|Medeshivalley.com|by Sean McLachlan | Gadling |
SomaliOne of the fun parts of travel is discovering the street art of a new place. Whether it's the elaborate graffiti of New York or Madrid, the political murals of Mexico, or the current craze ofYarn Bombing, there's always something cool happening on the street.

In the Horn of Africa, street art takes the form of murals. I believe this is a Somali development, because I've seen it much more in Somaliland and the Somali region of Ethiopia than I have anywhere else. There's a fair number of murals in Harar, Ethiopia, but that has always had close trade connections with the Somali region.

Some are simple, like this ad for a dentist inHargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. I don't know why this guy jumped into the frame and bared his teeth but hey, it made for a better picture so I'm not complaining.

Yemen Crisis Situation Report: October 21, 2011

Dear Friends,
The pending UN Security Council resolution on Yemen's political crisis is unlikely to pacify armed opposition groups in the country. In Yemen’s south, al Qaeda-linked militants continue to withstand a Yemeni military offensive in Abyan and are also operating openly in parts of Shabwah governorate.

Shelling and clashes occurred in Sana'a. 
Fighting occurred in al Hasabadistrict in north Sana'a between loyalist troops and opposition tribesmen. At least three people were killed in heavy exchanges of fire. A ceasefire had been in place. There are reports that loyalist troops have continually shelledpositions of the defected First Armored Division in Sana'a.

Video: Dagaalkii shalay ka dhacay Dayniile

|Medeshivalley.com|Youtube |

Corporate Greed is Killing you.Me.Us


“Greedy Lying Bastards” Exposes Big Oil’s Dirty Secret

Country Director, Hargeisa

Closing Date: Saturday, 10 December 2011
Role and Responsibilities
To design and manage the strategy, security, implementation, development and evaluation of the Somaliland programme. To represent Medair in the region for all issues related to the Somaliland programme.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Somaliland journalists attend UNICEF-supported workshop to focus on humanitarian reporting

|Medeshivalley.com|By Eva Gilliam|  UNICEF |

© UNICEF Somalia/2011/Mursal
Journalists are made to conduct a practical excercise on a field trip to Las Geel caves outside of Hargeisa as part of the training.

HARGEISA, Somalia, 20 October 2011 - Correct information is essential to accurate reporting, Ahmed Ali Mohamed, a trainer for Radio Ergo, recently told a gathering of 27 Somali journalists at a five day multi-media workshop on Humanitarian Reporting held in Hargeisa.
“Somali Journalists have a lot of missing knowledge” said Mr.Mohamed. “For example, they report on food distribution and press conferences, but often don’t go to the field and assess first-hand what the population is experiencing or needs.”

Mogadishu massacre - 70 AU troops killed

|Medeshivalley.com|News24 |

Mogadishu - Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab rebels displayed "over 70" dead bodies outside Mogadishu on Thursday, which they claimed were African Union peacekeepers killed in battle.
If verified, it would be the worst massacre and largest single defeat that the AU force in Mogadishu has suffered in some four years of bloody battles defending the weak Western-backed government against the hardline Shabaab.
"We have killed more than 70 of the enemy soldiers today... We have inflicted heavy losses on them and you can see their dead bodies," Shabaab spokesperson Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage said, displaying the bodies in the dust to reporters.
Angry crowds dragged some of the bodies across the ground, witnesses said.
Photographs show long lines of at least 20 bodies dressed in military uniform laid out in the sand, surrounded by a large crowd with their faces covered.
Witnesses confirmed that the dead bodies were displayed in the extremist Shabaab-controlled Alamada area, some 18km outside the war-torn capital late on Thursday, and that the bodies were not Somalis.

Video : Muammar Gaddafi killed as Sirte falls


Somali Shebab rebels show dozens of dead AU peacekeepers

|Medeshivalley.com|RNW |
Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels displayed "over 70" dead bodies outside Mogadishu Thursday, that they claimed were African Union peacekeepers killed in battle.

UN Jobs : Human Resources Manager in Somaliland

Role and Responsibilities
Management of human resource and staff development - for Internationally, Kenyan and Nationally Recruited Staff in the Somaliland programme.

KENYA-SOMALIA: A risky intervention


Reduced access: aid workers warn new fighting would make it even harder to reach millions of food-insecure Somalis
NAIROBI, 20 October 2011 (IRIN) - Kenya’s military intervention to target Al-Shabab in Somalia is likely to worsen the plight of millions of food-insecure civilians and could increase popular support for the Islamist insurgents, aid workers and analysts warn.

Kenya launched Operation Linda Nchi (Kiswahili for “Protect the Nation”) on 16 October and has since deployed ground troops and air assets between its common border and the Somali port town of Kismayo.

Colonel Gaddafi Killed, Libya PM Says

|Medeshivalley.com|BBC |

Libya's ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has been killed after an assault on his home town of Sirte, the transitional authority's acting prime minister says.
Mahmoud Jibril told a news conference in Tripoli it was time to launch a new, united Libya.
Video footage has been broadcast around the world showing a battered body claimed to be that of Col Gaddafi.
He was toppled in August after 42 years in power. The International Criminal Court has been seeking his arrest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video : Dagaalka ay kusoo qaaday Kenya Somalia


Kenya, Somalia seal pact to hit Shabaab ( Video report included )

|Medeshivalley.com|By PETER LEFTIE| Daily Nation |
Xinhua | Faisal Isse Defence Minister Yusuf Haji (left), Foreign Affairs Minsiter Moses Watang’ula and Somalia’s Defence Minister Hussein Arab Isse (right) during a joint press conference in Mogadishu on October 18, 2011 

French hostage taken from Kenya to Somalia dies

|Medeshivalley.com|AP |
France's Foreign Ministry says a Frenchwoman who was taken hostage off a resort in northern Kenya and had been held in Somalia has died.
The ministry says in a statement that unspecified "contacts" had indicated to French officials that Marie Dedieu had died but that the date and circumstances of her death were not immediately clear.
The ministry said Wednesday that the kidnappers "probably refused to give her the medication we sent her." Kenya's government blamed the attack on Somali militants from the al-Shabab group.
Dedieu, who French officials said was in her 60s, was captured from an island resort near the northern Kenyan town of Lamu on Oct. 1.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uganda's Museveni and Child Soldiers ( Video )


Ethiopia: Return of the African Lion

|Medeshivalley.com|Nazret.com |
The Pan-African business magazine, African Business, has a special report about Ethiopia, titled the "return of the African Lion", in its October issue. Here is some excerpt from the report.
It begins by writing, Ethiopia, Africa's second most populous nation with 85m inhabitants, is the third fastest growing nation in the world, behind only China and India. However, if the Economist Intelligence Unit's forecast for 2011 bears out, it will outpace both India and China next year. Ethiopian forecasters see the annual average growth rate of 11% continuing over the next five years with best-case scenario to approaching 14.9%.

IMC Receives $1.6 Million for East Africa Emergency Nutrition & Health Response

|Medeshivalley.com|Source: Content Partner // International Medical Corps| Alert Net |
International Medical Corps will immediately scale up emergency nutrition and health programs for drought affected communities in Somalia and Ethiopia with help from a $1.6 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Other Horn of Africa

|Medeshivalley.com|By Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo|

HARGEISA – Drought, famine, refugees, piracy, and the violence and terrorism endemic to the shattered city of Mogadishu, a capital ruined by civil war: these are the images that flash through peoples’ minds nowadays when they think of the Horn of Africa. Such perceptions, however, are not only tragically one-sided; they are short-sighted and dangerous.
Behind the stock images of a region trapped in chaos and despair, economies are growing, reform is increasingly embraced, and governance is improving. Moreover, with Yemen’s government imploding across the Red Sea, the Horn of Africa’s strategic significance for maritime oil transport has become a primary global security concern. In short, the Horn of Africa is too important to ignore or to misunderstand.

Kenya Says Troops Advance in Somalia, May Push to Kismayo

|Medeshivalley.com|By Sarah McGregor|
(Updates with visit by Kenyan ministers to Mogadishu in fourth paragraph, comments from al-Shabaab starting in seventh.)
Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Kenyan troops advanced deeper inside Somalia and may target the port of Kismayo in their drive to thwart attacks by the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab, a defense department spokesman said.

Somali militants threaten suicide attacks in Kenya

|Medeshivalley.com|By Farah Abdi Warsameh, AP|

Ali Mohamud Rage, spokesman for Somalia's most dangerous militant group, holds a news conference in

Somaliland To Get Its First ICT Innovation Hub Soon

|Medeshivalley.com|by Loy Okezie|techloy.com|

Somaliland, a tiny and unrecognised self-declared sovereign state internationally recognised as an autonomous region of Somalia would soon have its first ICT innovation incubator.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oil Price Daily News Update

Indian Nuclear Power Plant Emerging as Protest Magnet
Natural Gas Analysis for the Week of October 17, 2011
The Future of Alberta's Oil Sands
Race to Build America’s First Offshore Windfarms
Royal Society Calls for a Nuclear Forum to Manage the Growth of the Nuclear Industry

Yemen Crisis Situation Report: October 17, 2011

Dear Friends,
Opposition factions in Sana'a are escalating the violence as the political crisis continues. In southYemen, al Qaeda-linked militants remain in control of territory in Abyan.
Fighting entered a third day in Sana'a. 
Witnesses reported that Republican Guard troops were shelling the headquarters of the defected First Armored Division and that security forces and opposition tribesmen were fighting in al Hasaba district. Overnight fighting occurred near Kentucky Roundabout on al Zubayri Street between defected First Armored Division troops and pro-government troops.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh accused al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood of instigating the violence in Sana'a. 
Salehsaid, "We have strong proofs of the cooperation between the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda." He noted that their actions point to a military coup currently destabilizing the country. Regarding the pending UN Security Council resolution, Saleh noted, "Some friendly states, permanent members of the (Security Council) such as China and Russia, will not take a hardline position like some other permanent members."

Kenya's incursion into Somalia raises the stakes

|Medeshivalley.com| By Will Ross|East Africa correspondent, BBC News|
Photo handout of MSF Spanish aid worker Montserrat Serra on 14 October 2011
MSF worker Montserrat Serra was abducted along with her colleague, Blanca Thiebaut

Kenya : Chopper that killed 5 was not attacked – DoD

|Medeshivalley.com|Capital News ||BERNARD MOMANYI |

Chopper that killed 5 was not attacked – DoD
LIBOI, Kenya, Oct 17 – A helicopter that crashed at the Kenya-Somalia border killing five military personnel on Sunday was not brought down by enemy fire, it emerged on Monday.
The Department of Defence confirmed to Capital News that the plane may have gone down after a mechanical malfunction or pilot error.
“It crashed while taking off and caught fire, all the five soldiers on board died. It was not brought down,” Military Operations Information Officer Major Emmanuel Chirchir told Capital News on telephone.

Kenya helicopter crashes; push into Somali begins


MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) – Kenyan military forces moved into southern Somalia on Sunday, an official and residents said, a day after top Kenyan defense officials said the country has the right to defend itself after a rash of militant kidnappings inside Kenya.

Q&A: Who are Somalia's al-Shabab?

|Medeshivalley.com|BBC |
Al-Shabab fighters photographed in October 2009

Unintended Consequences

|Medeshivalley.com|By Scott A Morgan|
Without a Shadow of a Doubt Joseph Kony is a very dangerous individual. Recently in Washington DC Carter Ham the Commanding General of the United States Africa Command stated that he was the personification of evil. He has been a threat to four different Governments in Central Africa since the days of the Reagan Administration. He needs to be brought to justice.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A brief update from the internal situation in Somaliland

I spoke to a friend of mine in Berbera today who gave me a bad picture about the growing cost of living in Somaliland . He mentioned the emergence of classes in the country, the haves and the have-nots or according to his words " the Lords and the Indians ".

Kenyan Forces Enter Somalia to Battle Militants

|Medeshivalley.com|By JEFFREY GETTLEMAN|NY Times |
NAIROBI, Kenya — The Kenyan military stormed into Somalia on Sunday, sending hundreds of troops to battle the Shabab militant group and becoming the latest East African country to intervene in Somalia’s intractable anarchy.

Destination Mogadishu - Music event


22 October 12pm – 6pm
Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
Destination  Mogadishu
London’s only free lunchtime Pan African family adventure chugs in with a dazzling experience of  Africa  and the diaspora!!!!
All aboard the MWALIMU EXPRESS as we once again pull in to African cities and bring you awesome music from around the continent – balafon, mbira, talking drum, molo, oud and kora are just some of the instruments to be featured live by the amazing musicians we meet at each destination plus your hosts Rita Ray and Max Reinhardt on the dex spinning the tunes. Come listen to the stupendous storytelling sessions, play Oware, the compelling African game of strategy, watch Screen Station films and join in far out family arts workshops.

Somali Week Festival 2011

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture, in collaboration with Redsea-online Cultural Foundation and other partners, are proud to present the annual Somali Week Festival. The festival, an integral part of the Black History Month celebrations, will run from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October 2011 in London . The festival offers the best of Somali arts and culture, both old and new, presenting a mix of events including poetry, literature, music and panel discussions.

Somalia through the eyes of a captured spy

|Medeshivalley.com|The East Africa |By Stanley Gazemba|
Somali women carry weapons at a demonstration organised by the  Al Shabaab on July 5, 2010. Ledgard paints Somalia in evocative broad strokes that leave no doubt as to the fate hanging over the head of the captive Englishman. Picture: File
Somali women carry weapons at a demonstration organised by the Al Shabaab on July 5, 2010. Ledgard paints Somalia in evocative broad strokes that leave no doubt as to the fate hanging over the head of the captive Englishman. Picture: File 

Julian Assange joins London protests

|Medeshivalley.com|AFP |SMH|

Julian Assange addresses demonstrators from the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in central London.
Julian Assange addresses demonstrators from the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in central London. Photo: AFP

Kenyan troops enter Somalia to attack rebels

|Medeshivalley.com|Telegraph.co.uk |
A British woman held in Somalia after being abducted from a Kenyan beach resort where her husband was shot dead is suffering from stress and has come down with fever, a pirate leader said on Tuesday.
Memebers of Scotland Yard visit the Kiwayu Safari village beach where Judith Tebbutt was kidnapped Photo: WILL

GHANA: Reintegrating the nation’s “witches”


Accused “witches” gather at Nabuli camp in northern Ghana
ACCRA, 13 October 2011 (IRIN) - Ghana’s government is looking at ways to support people accused of witchcraft - mainly women and children banished by their communities to “witches’ camps” in the north - and to reintegrate them in their home villages.

Currently around 1,000 women and 700 children are living in six camps in northern Ghana, where they have found refuge from threats and violence from people in their home communities after being labelled witches and blamed for causing misfortune to others. In most cases the residents were taken to the camps by family members. A small number of men are also banished to the camps as “wizards”, according to Hajia Hawawu Boya Gariba, Ghana’s deputy minister for women and children’s affairs.

Somaliland: Best and brightest female students honoured

|Medeshivalley.com|Interpeace |
13 October 2011 - Interpeace local partner in Somaliland, The Academy for Peace and Development (APD), organized an event on 2 October 2011 in Hargeisa, to honour the highest-ranking female graduates of both secondary and intermediate schools.

'Al-Qaeda' distributes Somalia aid near Mogadishu

A man claiming to be from al-Qaeda has distributed aid in Somalia, highlighting his group's links with the al-Shabab militants.
The man, identified as US citizen Abu Abdulla Almuhajir and speaking with an American accent, handed out food, hijabs and Korans to people at a refugee camp near the capital, Mogadishu.
It is thought to be al-Qaeda's first aid distribution in famine-hit Somalia.
Read more : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-15318603

Stop wasting lives, money in Somalia, US report urges

|Medeshivalley.com|The East African|
Members of the hardline Al -Shabaab Islamist rebel group parade through the streets of Mogadishu. Picture: File
Members of the hardline Al -Shabaab Islamist rebel group parade through the streets of Mogadishu. Picture: File 

Kenyan army prepares for Somalia ground attack

NAIROBI — Kenyan security forces have begun assembling along the border with war-torn Somalia in preparation for assaults on militia forces behind several recent kidnappings of foreigners, sources said on Sunday.

Kenya readies anti Al Shabaab offensive inside Somalia

|Medeshivalley.com|by BERNARD MOMANYI |Capital News|

Kenya readies anti Al Shabaab offensive inside Somalia
NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 16 – Kenyan military has begun assembling troops at the border points in readiness for deployment to Somalia to pursue Al Shabaab attackers who are responsible for the kidnapping of four women of British, Spanish and French nationals.
An official at the military headquarters in Nairobi told Capital News that the forces will start entering Somalia in the coming days to flush out Al Shabaab militants who have wedged a war against Kenya.