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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Visual : First international trade fair in Somaliland

Read at : AOA Events announce the first international trade fair in Somaliland

Big rush to cash in on Somalia, protect Uganda, save Sudan

Young people play at the Mogadishu beach which had been a no-go zone for three years. Pictures: File 

Kenya's military threatens air raids deep into Somalia

mapThe Kenyan military say they will pursue Islamist insurgents deep inside southern Somalia.
A Kenyan military spokesman said targets for air raids included Afgoye, a town near Mogadishu, as well as ports along the coast.
He warned civilians to stay away from al-Shabab areas of activity.
Since launching an offensive against the insurgents two months ago, Kenyan warplanes have struck several rebel bases.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kingston Somali Community Association

Objectives : 
“To promote general charitable purposes for the benefit of the Somali community of Kingston Upon Thames and the surrounding area, and to provide relief from financial hardship and social and/or economic disadvantage and to advance the education of its residents of all ages; and in particular to provide opportunities for the aforementioned residents to participate fully in the life of their community in ways which address and alleviate social and economic disadvantage”.

Puntland : Africa Oil Corporate Update

In addition, the Company reports that drilling operations continue on the Horn Petroleum operated Dharoor Block in Puntland, Somalia and the well is expected to spud in January, 2012.

Oil Price Daily News Update -16 Dec. 2011

Bootleg liquor kills 143 people in eastern India

A woman mourns for a relative who died after drinking toxic liquor victim in Diamond Harbour near Kolkata, on Thursday. (AP Photo/Bikas Das)

Chatham House Newsletter : Hidden Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia

Chatham House, Independent thinking on international affairs

Latest News

Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia
Hidden Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s domestic energy consumption could limit its exports of oil within a decade, jeopardizing the country's ability to stabilize the world oil market and making it vulnerable to economic and social crises. This report explains the challenges and options for the Saudi government.

AOA Events announce the first international trade fair in Somaliland

AOA Events announce the first international trade fair in Somaliland

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emerald mineral stones from Somaliland

(Medeshi)- These are some of the minerals found in Somaliland collected by En. Abdiwahab Ahmed Yassin.

Ophir Energy plc

Industry:  Oil & Gas Exploration & Services , Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment
Revenue: $10 mil. - $25 mil. 
Employees: 50 - 100 
Company Description: Ophir Energy plc (Ophir) is an oil and gas exploration and production company established in 2004 with a focus upon Africa. The Company is largely African owned and enjoys a strategic relationship with Mvelaphanda Holdings (Proprietary) Limited (Mvelaphanda), one of South Africa's pre-eminent Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) investment groups. Ophir aspires to be a pre-eminent independent African energy company. 

Have the likes of Ophir Energy got Somaliland over a barrel?

Anyone taking even so much of a scintilla of interest into commercial activity across Africa will recognize there has been a sea change in attitude towards business of late. China to its credit has proved that for all the challenges that exist, purposeful relationships can be formed and a sound case made for investment for the medium to long term. India has followed suit and now other nations are reassessing their approach and playing catch up.

Picture of the day : Discarded telephone booths in Kingston , England

Discarded old telephone booths at London Road in  Kingston upon Thames, England - Photo by M. Ali 

Video : Punches fly in Somali Parliament

Chewing Khat Raises Heart Disease, Death Risk: Study

TUESDAY, Dec. 13 - By Alan Mozes (HealthDay News) -- Chewing the green leaves of the khat plant for its amphetamine-like effect appears to raise the risk for both stroke and death among heart patients, according to a large new study from the Middle East.
The finding, however, could have relevance far beyond that region, as emigration has increasingly brought khat-chewing to the shores of both Europe and North America.

UN-backed invasion of Somalia spirals into chaos

In a rare dispatch from the badlands of Southern Somalia, Daniel Howden sees how Kenya's war has made things worse - The Independent .
The famine camps with their domed shelters made of rags and sticks are now surrounded by fields of green. The survivors sit among the clouds of flies and mosquitoes watching the planting season pass them by, living on handouts. The drought in southern Somalia is over but no one is going home.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

War Rhetoric : The Planned World War 3 - A Play in Numerous Acts

Empowering Youth to access Employment Opportunities in Burao and Erigavo project

Project Title : Empowering Youth to access Employment Opportunities in Burao and Erigavo project
Project overall goal: Improve welfare of women and men in Burao and Erigavo
Project Period: January/2010-December/2013
Targeted Locations: Buroa and Erigavo
Specific Objective: The employment of the women and men has increased in Burao and Erigavo

Jobs : Somaliland - English Writing Lecturer at Hargeisa University

The University of Hargeisa is seeking to hire several English language lecturers to join its English Department beginning in March 2012. Applicants should have a bachelor's or master's degree from an English-language university; CELTA, TEFL or equivalent certification a plus. The focus of the assignment is teaching academic writing skills to Somali university students. This includes twelve hours per week of class time and as much or more prep work outside of class time. The time commitment is flexible and lecturers may have time to pursue interests with other organizations in Hargeisa.

Punches fly in chaotic Somali parliament session

Somali Parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheik Adan, pictured left, was dismissed on Tuesday (AFP/File, Stringer)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Somalia: MPs Replace Speaker

Lucas Barasa and Abdulkadir Khalif : Somalia Transitional Federal Parliament has replaced its Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden after passing a vote of no confidence in him.

Zimbabwe chief fines PM Morgan Tsvangirai over 'wedding'

Morgan Tsvangirai (27 March 2008)A traditional court in Zimbabwe has fined Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for breaking a cultural taboo by paying a bride price in November.
He was ordered to pay two cows, two sheep and 10 metres of cotton cloth.

Somaliland Officials Meet with UK, Wales Parliamentarians

Officials of Somaliland, the nation which still didn’t get recognition as an independent nation from the United Nations and the African Union so far, have made an official visit to the United Kingdom (UK) and Wales and met with their parliamentarians.

China Considers Seychelles Naval Port Offer

VOA- China says it may use the Seychelles to rest and resupply its navy ships while they carry out anti-piracy missions.

US Drone Crashes in Seychelles

VOA- A U.S. drone aircraft has crashed at an airport in the Seychelles.
The U.S. embassy in nearby Mauritius says the remote-controlled MQ-9 aircraft crashed Tuesday while trying to land at the Seychelles International airport on the island of Mahe.

Somalia: A Navy Without Boats

A suspected Somali pirate's hands are bound after his capture on the high seas

‘Terror group’ Somalia’s only hope for peace and stability

By David Williamson, Western Mail - To end the war and famine ravaging Somalia the West must deal with men it regards as dangerous extremists, urges Welsh foreign affairs expert Grant Dawson

U.S. Defense Secretary : Djibouti critical to US terror fight

AP - U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday that U.S. operations against al-Qaida are now concentrating on key groups in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa.
Panetta said efforts against the al-Qaida affiliates depend on American partnerships with countries like Djibouti. The military base in this tiny port nation in the Horn of Africa is the launch point for U.S. drones used for intelligence, surveillance and, at times, strikes against insurgents in terror hotspots.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wind farm fuels Ethiopia's green power ambitions

Ethiopia is aiming for a seven-fold increase in renewable energy production in the next five years (AFP/File, Jenny Vaughan)

US : Domestic drones on the rise

Saudi Arabia beheads woman for 'sorcery'

A Saudi woman has been beheaded after being convicted of practising sorcery, which is banned in the conservative Gulf kingdom, the country's interior ministry said.
Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was executed on Monday in the northern province of Jawf for "practising witchcraft and sorcery", the ministry said in a statement carried by SPA, Saudi Arabia's state news agency.

Somalia militants publish slain peacekeeper IDs

A screengrab from Somali-language website www.radioalfurqaan.com shows what militant group Al Shabaab says are the bodies of African Union peacekeepers, killed in Mogadishu.

Kenya army, Somali militia swap Twitter insults

Police launch crackdown as explosions hit Kenya


Bombs in two Kenyan towns appear to target security forces

ISIOLO, Kenya Dec 11 (Reuters) - Two bombs exploded in two Kenyan towns close to the Somali border on Sunday, in coordinated attacks that killed a policeman and were blamed on Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab rebels, residents and a senior police commander said.