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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Somalia : Who is Hassan Sheikh Mohamud?

BBC-International leaders, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, have hailed the election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as a "great step forward" for Somalia.
Mr Cameron congratulated Mr Mohamud on his victory and welcomed the role played by his predecessor, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
However, Islamist militants said the election was organised by the "enemies of Somalia".
Somalia has suffered 20 years of war.
  • Born in central Hiran region in 1955
  • From the major Hawiye clan
  • Married, speaks Somali and English
  • Linked to al-Islah, Somalia's branch of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Studied engineering at the Somali National University and became a lecturer in 1981
  • Five years later went to India to study, obtaining an MBA from Bhopal University
  • Stayed in Somalia during the civil war, working as a consultant with non-governmental groups, UN bodies and on several peace initiatives
  • Helped set up the Simad University in 1999, and was its dean for 10 years
  • Founded his Peace and Development Party (PDP) in 2011
  • Elected an MP in August 2012