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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Job opportunities for young Somalis in London.

The work is involved in ticketing, gardening and restoration of old buildings and artefacts at the following Places in London:
Hampton Court Palace
Kensington Palace
London Tower
Banqueting House
Kew Palace
The jobs are both full time and part- time and will start in April 2012 .
Good command of English - spoken and written- is required 
For more information please contact me through the link shown in our website here:

British Shebab fighter killed in Somalia: Shebab

MOGADISHU —AFP- A British fighter with the Islamist Shebab militia in Somalia was killed Saturday during a drone attack in the capital Mogadishu, said the movement's spokesman Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage.

Loud blasts heard near Somali rebel bases

(Reuters) - Two loud explosions rocked a rebel stronghold about 13 km from the Somali capital on Saturday and a third blast was heard close by, residents said, but it was unclear who was behind them.

Dadku dintay Mudaharaadyo Laascaanod ( Video )

Police: Gunmen kidnap American in north Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia -Fox News- Gunmen kidnapped an American man in the northern Somali town of Galkayo on Saturday, officials said.

Shabaab parades Kenyan captives

THE family of abducted Gerille district officer Edward Mule Yesse yesterday appealed to the government to 
District officer Edward Mule Yesse
do everything to secure his release. In an interview, Yesse's sister Jane Mwajuma said the government had not told them about his abduction and were shocked to learn from the media that he was among two government officials who were last week kidnapped by Al Shabaab militia. "We were shocked to learn that he was the one who had been kidnapped. No one (from the government) is telling us what is going on. They should do everything necessary to ensure he is released," Mwajuma said.

Foreigner 'kidnapped in central Somalia'

MOGADISHU — AFP - A foreigner has been kidnapped in a semi-autonomous province of central Somalia, a local official said Saturday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

London Somalia Conference

 The UK will host a conference on Somalia on 23 February to pull together international effort.
Somali pirate along the coastline (Getty images)Despite the efforts of the African Union, the United Nations and the international community, international policy towards Somalia is not succeeding. After 20 years of sliding backwards, Somalia needs a step-change in effort – both from the international community, but also Somalia’s political leaders.

AID POLICY: UN Integration under the spotlight

UN humanitarian, political and military missions in Somalia were uncomfortable bedfellows (file photo)
LONDON, January 2012 (IRIN) - Putting all UN operations in a country under a single management structure is not as simple as it might sound. In some countries, different parts of the UN may be negotiating with rebels to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid, while their colleagues might be involved in planning military assaults against the very same groups. Read this article inFrançais 

After 6 months of famine Somali men return to farm

Women and children queue to receive a meal at a food distribution center. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

African Union troops reach outskirts of Mogadishu

A displaced Somali woman walks past an armored vehicle of the African Union (AU) peacekeeping force in Mogadishu, Somalia. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Amnesty : Ukraine must release Somali asylum-seekers

Many asylum-seekers flee across the border to the EU, only to be returned to Ukraine, where they face police harassment and detention.
Many asylum-seekers flee across the border to the EU, only to be returned to Ukraine, where they face police harassment and detention.

SOUTH AFRICA: Red tape ensnares asylum-seekers

Long queues at refugee reception offices do not deter asylum-seekers from trying to legalise their stay
JOHANNESBURG, 20 January 2012 (IRIN) - Asylum-seekers entering South Africa are no longer being issued with the necessary documents to apply for refugee status. Without a so-called section 23 permit, they are being turned away from Refugee Reception Offices (RROs) and denied the opportunity to legalize their stay in the country. 

Somalia's al-Shabab hit by major Amisom offensive

Pro-government forces have launched a major offensive from the Somali capital, Mogadishu, to seize territory from al-Shabab Islamist militants. 
An African Union (AU) peacekeeper tank moves between positions following clashes with al-Shabab militants in Mogadishu, Somalia, Friday, Jan. 20, 2012.Some 1,000 soldiers backed up by 20 tanks captured three al-Shabab bases, a senior security official said.
African Union forces backing the government says they have advanced outside the capital for the first time.
Al-Shabab is under attack on several fronts, with troops from Kenya and Ethiopia also gaining ground recently.
Correspondents says this is the biggest joint offensive by the government and the AU force, Amisom, since August 2011.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Canada could review Ethiopia aid over farm evictions

OTTAWA - Millions of dollars in Canadian aid to Ethiopia could be under the microscope following reports tens of thousands of indigenous people are being forcibly relocated to make room for large, foreign-run farming operations.

Ethiopia evicting its own people to feed others: Human Rights Watch

By Mike Pflanz, Daily Telegraph
Ethiopia is forcing tens of thousands of its poorest people from fertile land earmarked for Saudi Arabian and Indian investors and into villages lacking schools, clinics or clean water, a new report has claimed.
Already, 20,000 families have moved from areas they have roamed for centuries in a "vil-lagization" program.
Researchers claim that inter-national donors, including Brit-ain, have inadvertently helped to pay for it.

Somalia: MSF shuts two big medical centres in Mogadishu

Two major medical centres run by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the Somali capital have closed.
An MSF clinic in Somalia (Copyright Yann Libessart/MSF)The charity said it had taken the decision after two MSF workers, a Belgian administrator and Indonesian doctor, were killed last month.
The announcement comes as at least two people were killed by a bomb in a Mogadishu refugee camp, officials say.

Somalia: Six dead in Mogadishu refugee camp blast

Six people have been killed by a suicide bomb attack in a refugee camp in the Somali capital Mogadishu.
The victims included a security guard and a local aid worker, witnesses said.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oil Price Daily News Update Jan, 18 , 2012

Somali community in the Netherlands welcomes qat ban

RDW-Last week, the Dutch government announced that it will add qat to the list of illegal drugs. Somalis living in the Netherlands applaud the decision, says Sagal Gelle in this week’s edition of Bridges with Africa.
Gelle is chairwoman of NEDSOM, a foundation for Somalis living in the Netherlands.

The Somaliland Independent Scholars Group (New Year New Challenges)

I. Introduction
On the 15th January the ISG members met at the SORADI office to discuss the prevalent situation in the country and debate the most significant issues. The meeting was sponsored by the Social Research and Development Institute (SORADI).

Business in Somaliland – Challenges and Opportunities

On the evening of Thursday 19th January 2012 an event is being held at 55 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QL by kind permission of the Africa Research Institute entitled: Business in Somaliland – Challenges and Opportunities. The co-organisers of this occasion are the Horn of Africa Business Association (HABA) and Pride of Somaliland (a not for profit organisation that seeks to celebrate the achievements of Somalilanders wherever they reside).

Ophir Energy secures Dominion at last

In recent weeks the normally surefooted Ophir Energy has come in for considerable criticism concerning a  possible exploration deal with the Government of Somaliland. A ‘Stop Ophir‘ campaign has been started on Facebook and Somaliland’s Mining and Energy Minister Dr. Hussein Ahmed Du’ale has faced immense flak over the origin and purpose of various payments received apparently related to oil and gas exploration contracts.

Royal Navy may have to set Somali pirates free

British officials are putting 'intense pressure' on Kenya to accept the most recent captives, amid fears of warships turning into 'floating prisons' Photo: LA (PHOT) AJ MACLEOD

Clashes In Somaliland; Kenyan Offensive Continues In South

Written by: MISNA -Somaliland’s army bombed the city of Buhodle, in the Ayn region, where heavy artillery fighting has been underway for two days. According to local radios, the government of Puntland defined the offensive against the city, key commercial area along the border between the two self-proclaimed independent regions, a “brutal aggression”.

Somalia to investigate deadly airstrike: PM

MOGADISHU, Jan.18 (Xinhua) -- Somali government on Wednesday said it will investigate deadly airstrike by Kenya jets targeting Islamist fighters in the south of the country but killed five children.

Five Europeans killed in attack in remote Ethiopia

By Aaron Maasho -ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Five European tourists were killed, and two tourists and two Ethiopians were kidnapped, in an attack by gunmen in northern Ethiopia's remote Afar region, the Ethiopian government said on Wednesday.

Somaliland: 2 Television Journalists released, 1 still held in Police custody in the town of Boorama

January 18, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) welcomes the release of 2 Television Journalists in the police custody in the towns of Erigabo of Sanaag region and Boorama of Awdal region on Tuesday making the total journalists released within 2 days to 24 and urges the release of the journalist who is still in custody in Boorama without bring him to court and allow the Television to resume its operations.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rights Groups Welcome Release of Journalists in Somaliland

Mohammed Yusuf | Nairobi|VOA|-International and local media rights groups have welcomed the release of 21 journalists in Somaliland and have called for authorities to release another four who are still detained.  But some journalists in Somaliland are concerned for their safety and job effectiveness following the arrests. 

First oil well drilled in war-ravaged Somalia for 20 years

MOGADISHU — AFP -Drilling has begun on the first oil well in war-torn Somalia in 20 years, as Canada's Horn Petroleum Corp. broke ground on an exploratory site in the breakaway region of Puntland, officials said Tuesday.

Ethiopia gunmen 'kill five foreign tourists'

Five foreign tourists have been killed in Ethiopia in an attack by unknown gunmen, state TV reports.
Map locatorThe attack was carried out late on Monday in the northern Afar region of the country by gunmen who had crossed from neighbouring Eritrea, the TV said.
Two other tourists were seriously hurt and a third is said to have escaped the attack unharmed. The nationality of the victims was not given.
Afar is regarded as a haunt of both Ethiopian and Eritrean rebels.

Ethiopia forces thousands off land - Human Rights Watch

An Indian settler transplants rice on a major commercial agricultural scheme in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. Photograph: Ben Parker/IRIN

Somalia oil exploration: Drilling begins in Puntland

The site of the oil exploration drilling in Puntland in Somalia (Copyright: Africa Oil)Oil exploration has begun in the arid north-east of Somalia, which has been wracked by civil war for two decades. The Canadian firm Africa Oil behind the project said its two wells are the first to be drilled there in 21 years.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My predictions bearing-out on Somaliland

I may have predicted the current situation in Somaliland few years ago but regret doing so. I have always advocated for equality and good governance but have failed to influence the current SLD government in following the path of freedom of speech and the good will of the regional stakeholders while at the same time tightening the borders of the former British Somaliland that has plundered into Somalia union  1960.

IFJ Condemns Crackdown on Media in Somaliland

GENEVA, Switzerland, January 16, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today condemned the arrest of twenty five journalists in Somaliland recently, accusing the authorities of waging a campaign of intimidation to silence independent reporting.

Horn Petroleum Commences Drilling in Puntland, Somalia

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Jan 16, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Horn Petroleum Corporation CA:HRN +1.14% ("Horn Petroleum" or the "Corporation") is pleased to announce the spudding of the Shabeel-1 well on the Dharoor Block in Puntland, Somalia and is currently preparing to drill ahead to a total planned maximum depth of 3800 meters. Drilling operations have also commenced on the Shabeel North-1 well with the setting of the 30 inch surface casing and the drilling of a 50 meter pilot hole.

Life in the world's biggest Somali refugee camp, at Dadaab, Kenya

Life in the world's biggest refugee camp, at Dadaab, Kenya, means subsisting on the bare essentials. But people still try to live as normally as they can, writes the World Food Programme's Steve Ryan.

News about Kenya and Somalia

Kenyan takes charge of local Al Shabaab wing
The Standard
It justified the terrorist attacks on the activities of Kenya's Anti-terrorism Police Unit (ATPU), arrest and detention of suspected terrorists, Kenya's involvement inSomalia's long running civil war and the presence of the United Nations in the ...

Kenya's fresh demands on Somalia war

Photo/FILE Defence minister Yusuf Haji (right) said the notion that Kenya’s ultimate goal was Kismayu was imaginary.  

Five children among dead after Kenya - Somalia air raid

Daily Nation - The death toll has risen to seven after Kenya's fighter jets on Sunday bombed a village in southern Somalia controlled by the Islamist Al-Shabaab group, local residents reported.

Somali famine 'will kill tens of thousands'

The UN in Somalia says tens of thousands of people will have died of starvation by the time the famine in the Horn of Africa ends. The food crisis was declared in Somalia six months ago and levels of need are expected to remain high until July or August. UN aid chief in Somalia, Mark Bowden, told the BBC malnutrition rates there were the highest in the world.
He said a quarter of a million Somalis were still suffering from the famine.

Toxic scandal in Somalia

Re-published - This article earlier appeared in Medeshi on 26 Nov , 2008
Toxic scandal in Somalia gave birth to new piracy The escapades of Somali pirates made headlines last week. But the media has ignored the injustice behind the phenomenon, writes Simon Assaf When the Asian tsunami of Christmas 2005 washed ashore on the east coast of Africa, it uncovered a great scandal.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kenyan jets bomb Somali rebel base, kill 14 including family of 7

By Feisal Omar and Omar Faruk -MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Kenyan jets bombed an al Shabaab rebel base in southern Somalia Sunday, killing a family of seven as well as seven fighters from the insurgent group linked to Al Qaeda, residents said.

Kenyan Islamic group announces alliance with al-Shabab in climate of Nairobi terror warnings

NAIROBI, Kenya — By Associated Press - An increasingly vocal Islamist group says its leader has been appointed to represent an al-Qaida-linked Somali militia in Kenya, a development that underscores the dangers Kenya faces from Somalia’s insurgency.

Somaliland closes TV station, arrests journalists

* Journalists arrested for protesting station closure
* Government says station broadcast anti-Somaliland propaganda
HARGEISA Jan 15 (Reuters) - Somaliland has shut down a private television station it accuses of airing anti-government propaganda, and arrested 13 journalists as they held a protest against the move, a minister said on Sunday.