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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Somaliland and Somalia need measurable aid direct to the needy

The UN offices in Kenya have often been blamed for being a middle entity for funds for Somalia and Somaliland . Much has been said about these funds that are lavishly spent in UN Nairobi offices . That matter seems to have been condoned by both the Somali TFG and the consequent Somaliland governments.

Oil Price Daily News Update 28 Jan. 2012

Since gaining independence in July, Middle East and North African experts have expressed concerns that border conflicts and disputes over the sharing of oil revenue could threaten a very fragile peace deal between the two Sudanese governments. South Sudan last week said it wasn't going to produce any more oil because the government in the north was suspected of pilfering.

Horn of Africa crisis update ( Video and report )

Britain may try and jail Somali pirates

By Aaron Maasho -ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Britain may put on trial and jail Somali pirates in the United Kingdom if its citizens are attacked at sea, but the government's priority is to help Somalia boost its inadequate prison capacity, a British minister said on Saturday.

Bahrain inks $1.5m Somalia institute deal

Bahrain Royal Charity Organisation has signed a deal to build a $1.5 million teachers institute in Somalia, in co-operation with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRWW).

Somalia journalist shot dead in capital

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A producer at a Somali radio station says gunmen shot dead the station's director in the chaotic capital, Mogadishu.
Mu'awiye Ahmed Mudey, a producer at Shabelle radio, said unidentified gunmen killed Hassan Osman Abdi on Saturday. He was on his way home. The 29-year-old father of three had worked at the station for three years.
Attacks on journalists are common in war-ravaged Somalia. Two journalists were killed last year, and there have been numerous attacks in the northern semiautonomous region of Puntland.

Ethiopia says won't leave Somalia until AU forces arrive

ADDIS ABABA Jan 27 (Reuters) - Ethiopian troops will stay in Somalia until African Union forces replace them to avoid creating a power vacuum that could see a resurgence of Islamist militants in the lawless Horn of Africa country, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said on Friday.

SOMALIA: Yemeni and Saudi forces kill 11 Somali immigrants

HARGEISA — At least eleven illegal immigrants from Somalia have been killed this week as they crossed into Saudi Arabia from Yemen according to the Somali embassy in Sana’a.
Hussein Haji Ahmed, Somalia’s Deputy Ambassador to Yemen, said the bodies of eleven Somali 
immigrants were recovered near Yemen’s border with the oil rich kingdom

Dakar-Djibouti trans-African highway to traverse 10 African countries

PANA- The 8,715 km trans-African highway linking Dakar (Senegal) to Djibouti (Djibouti) will traverse 10 West, Central and East African countries, according to a document made available to PANA on Wednesday in Addis Ababa.

Video : Hargeisa university students - BBC Report

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cooperation between Finland and Somalia dates back to 1980s

The Somalia seminar was held at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 25 January 2012.

Canadian Oil Firm Drills First Oil Exploration Wells in Somalia in More than 20 Years

(OilPrice.com ) - Dear Mohammed , Greetings from London... Another interesting week in the oil markets and an even more interesting week at Oilprice.com. For those of you who haven't visited in the last few days please do stop in and take a look at our new site. We have new sections, detailed commodity price charts, company news and access to all our old newsletters and a nice new layout which should make finding news and analysis much easier than on our old version.

Kensington Native's Film Wins Big at Sundance

Video : Rescue mission of two westerners from Somali pirates

Somalia pirates threaten to kill hostage in wake of Navy SEAL rescue

By JILL REILLY -Mail Online )-Somali pirates have threatened to kill an American hostage after a daring night-time U.S Navy SEAL mission to rescue two foreign aid workers. 
The pirates have moved the hostage at least three times in 24 hours in reaction to the rescue of the U.S. woman and Danish man. 

Ethiopia slaps prison terms on three journalists

By Aaron Maasho -ADDIS ABABA | (Reuters) - Ethiopia sentenced two Ethiopian journalists to 14 years in jail and an exiled blogger to life imprisonment on Thursday on charges of conspiring with rebel groups against the government, the second case in a month targeting the media.

Asylum-seekers soar at school in shadow of Heathrow Airport

The names of illustrious independent and state grammar schools may always appear near the top of exam league tables, but it is schools such as Uxbridge High in west London that are really top of the class.

Obama thought of daughters in Somalia raid planning

(AFP) LAS VEGAS, Nevada — President Barack Obama said Thursday his role as a dad of two daughters offered him an inkling of the agony endured by the father of a US aid worker freed in a daring US commando raid in Somalia.

Clashes leave eight dead in Somaliland

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last will of the man who carried bombing against Ethiopian troops

The following Translated audio was released by Somalimemo website; a news website sympathetic to the insurgent group.
“And do not say about those who are killed fighting in the Path of Allaah that they are dead. Rather, they are alive!” [Quran 2:154].

Letter from Hargeisa - a city where the pillars of peace stand strong

Nuria Abdullahi AbdiBy Nuria Abdullahi Abdi - 25 January 2012 - It can be no surprise to anyone that building lasting peace in the Somali Region can be delicate at the best of times. The issues are fluid, the environment can be a challenge and the dynamics change so fast it can sometimes seem that the conditions in which we all work are like shifting sands. So finding the right people who can put stakes firmly in our sand and lay the crucial foundations from which peace can be consolidated can be tricky.

Rape Stalks Helpless Somalis

MOGADISHU – (http://www.onislam.net )Driven from their homes by a killer combination of conflict, drought and hunger, rape is adding to the endless suffering of Somali refugees.

Gunmen kidnap Michael Scott Moore in Somalia

By Keith Hamm -ESPN Action Sports -Armed kidnappers in central Somalia have abducted acclaimed surfing journalist Michael Scott Moore, who was in the region researching a book about piracy.

EU and American delegates to a conference on Somalia's future could learn from Turkey's direct assistance to those in need

Osman Jama Ali and Mohamed Sharif Mohamud - Guradian.co.uk -The British government is holding a conference on the future of Somalia next month. In the last 20 years the east African country has suffered enormously – in the collapse of law and order, natural and human-made calamities, the displacements of its citizens, the rise of piracy and the spread of insurgent movements and seditious militias. These have not only threatened the survival of the nation but also dampened the morale of the people and their sense of national pride.

UK could become 'smuggling hub' for herbal high khat

By Lucy Ash -BBC Radio 4, The Report -The UK could become a hub for smuggling the herbal stimulant khat, European police and politicians have warned.
The Netherlands is the latest country to outlaw the sale of the plant, which is now banned in sixteen EU member states and Norway.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

British delegation discusses plan for London Somalia conference

By LUCAS BARASA NATION Reporter -A delegation from the UK visited Mogadishu on Monday ahead of a major conference set for London in February to discuss problems facing the horn of Africa country.

Obama SOTU Paen To Military Gains Deeper Meaning After Somalia News

By FRANK JAMES - Pete Souza/AP - President Obama, with first lady Michelle Obama, speaks by phone with the father of a U.S. citizen rescued by Navy SEALs from Somali pirates, Jan. 24, 2012.

U.S. raid on Somalia frees American, Danish captives

A U.S. military helicopter raid freed an American and a Dane Wednesday who were being held hostage by pirates in Somalia.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Somaliland participation in London Somalia conference

Now that it is clear  that Somaliland may accept to participate in the coming conference  on Somalia in London on the 23rd of Feb. 2012 , after the visit of diplomats from both the US and UK in the country, SLD should put a condition in attending this conference that it comes  to the meeting as the Republic of Somaliland and not as a region from Somalia as stated in the official website of the Foreign  & Commonwealth  Office  (  http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/news/somalia-conference/ ) . In addition , the Agenda of the meeting has little to do with Somaliland and therefore,  Somaliland should come as an observer rather than a stake-holder.

The joys of investing in Somaliland

"How are you going to make money in a country that doesn't even exist?" That was probably the question that many people had at the back of their minds when Mohammed Yusef told them he would invest in Somaliland.

Analysis: Agriculture in a changing environment

Cows release huge amounts of warming methane every year
JOHANNESBURG, 24 January 2012 (IRIN) - Agriculture has been seen both as a cause and victim of global warming at the UN climate change talks over the past few years - something that has thwarted efforts to attract the investment it needs, say scientists.

A reply to an open letter sent to PM David Cameroon and Mark Bowden(UNDP) on Somaliland aid accountability

I was surprised to read a letter published on Widhwidh Online and Allgedo Online on 23rd January 2012 andsent to David Cameron, British Prime Minister and Mark Bowden, UNDP Resident Representative for Somalia by a Gentleman who called himself only Farah-Kolley (najmaf@live.com.) Re: Somaliland Aid Accountability.

UN Somalia representative opens Mogadishu office

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — The U.N.'s special representative to Somalia is moving his office to Mogadishu for the first time in 17 years.

Tacsi Tiraanyo leh : Mohamoud A. Arralle (Jigraale )

Inaa lilaahi wa inaa ileyhi raajicuun.
Waxaan halkan tacsi tiraanyo leh uga dirayaa eheladi iyo qaraabadi uu ka geeriyoodey ilaaheen ha u naxariiste Mohamoud Jigraale oo maanta lagu aasay magaalada Hargeisa . Mohamoud wuxuu ahaa nin aqoonyahan ah oo dalka Somaliland xoriyadiisa usoo halgamay . 
Waxaan ilaaheen uga baryayaa in uu janadii fardousa mujaahidka ka waraabiyo eheladiisii iyo ummada Somaliland na samir iyo iimaan ka siiyo.
Aamiin aamiin ....
Mohammed Ahmed Ali ( http://www.medeshivalley.com/ )

Gaddafi supporters seize control of Libyan town

By Taha Zargoun - TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Fighters loyal to Libya's overthrown leader Muammar Gaddafi took control of a town south-east of the capital on Monday, flying their green flags in defiance of the country's fragile new government.

Somalia suicide bomber attacks govt office near border

By Abdi Sheikh and Feisal Omar- MOGADISHU (Reuters) - An al Shabaab fighter rammed a minibus loaded with explosives into a government building in central Somalia used by troops and politicians on Tuesday, a military official and an al Shabaab spokesman said.

Truck bomb explodes at Ethiopian base in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Witnesses say that a truck bomb has detonated at an Ethiopian military base inside Somalia.
Shopkeeper Abdullahi Ali said Tuesday that he saw a truck with the back covered in black cloth or tarpaulin speeding toward the base in the town of Beledweyne and then heard a large explosion.
Resident Ali Hussein says he can see smoke rising from the base but that Ethiopian troops have cordoned off the area and the extent of casualties are unclear.

German hostages in 'good health': Ethiopia rebels

ADDIS ABABA —AFP- Ethiopian rebels said German tourists they seized last week were safe and blamed the government for the incident in which five Europeans were also killed on the slopes of a famed volcano.
Addis Ababa had blamed the region's worst attack on tourists in years on gunmen armed by arch-foe Eritrea but a rebel group claiming to fight for the Afar region and its people said the bloodshed occurred when government soldiers attacked one of its patrols.

Somalia may be Kenya's Afghanistan, but its army doesn't get it

Background Notes : Somalia / Somaliland

Background Notes : Somalia / Somaliland
Jan 24, 2012 (STATE DEPARTMENT RELEASE/ContentWorks via COMTEX) -- Background Note: Somalia / Somaliland

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yemen Crisis Situation Report: January 23, 2012

By :  Frederick W. Kagan - Critical Threats.org - President Ali Abdullah Saleh has received complete immunity and left for the U.S., but protests continue against him and his family across Yemen. Al Qaeda-linked militants continue to hold recently expanded territory in southern Yemen.

Al-Shabaab release photos of abducted Kenyans

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Yesse, Mule Edward, 30 year-old Kenyan Government District Officer (DO) for Burderi and Wajir SouthFredrick Irungu Wainaina, 56,Registration Clerk for Kenyan Ministry of Immigration &Registration of Persons
(LEFT TO RIGHT) Yesse, Mule Edward, 30 year-old Kenyan Government District Officer (DO) for Burderi and Wajir SouthFredrick Irungu Wainaina, 56,Registration Clerk for Kenyan Ministry of Immigration &Registration of Persons  

Two Kenyan soldiers die in action during Shabaab raid

( Daily Nation )-Kenya Defense Forces lost two soldiers during a Sunday night raid on Al-Shabaab targets in night operation in Delbio and Hosingo.
KDF says that the rebel group suffered 11 casualties in the raid.
The operation was conducted jointly by KDF and their Somalia Transitional Federal Government (TFG) counterparts.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Muhammad Ali’s greatest quotes - as he celebrates his 70 birtday

Ali addresses his public

Snow in the desert

January 20, 2012 – BECHAR, Algeria - Snow fell Tuesday in the Sahara Desert in western Algeria. A 24-hour cold spell brought snow and rain to the region.

Report: U.S. drone killed top Somali insurgent

By Abdi Guled and Katharine Houreld - The Associated Press -MOGADISHU, Somalia — A U.S. drone strike killed an Al-Qaida official of Lebanese origin fighting alongside insurgents in Somalia, officials said.

UK Deputy Ambassador To Ethiopia Arrives Somaliland To Explain The Objectives Of The London Conference On Somalia

Hargeysa, Somaliland, January 21, 2012 (SL Times) – The United Kingdom’s deputy ambassador, Chris Allan, visited Somaliland earlier this week. The main purpose of the visit was to deliver a personal invitation to Somaliland’s president Ahmed Sillanyo to attend the upcoming London conference which is ostensibly on Somalia but whose agenda includes anti-terrorism, piracy, and the economic development of Somaliland and Somalia.

Britain urges Somaliland to back Somalia conference in London

UK Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia Chris Allan visited the Somaliland capital on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming London Conference on Somalia. The British ambassador held a press conference in Mansoor hotel in which he briefly presented the agenda of the conference and Somaliland’s role.

Somaliland: Lacag Note ah oo Cusub

Mohamed Olad Hassan | Washington|VOA|
Toddobaadkan ayaa Somaliland suuqyadeeda ay soo galeen Lacago cusub oo aan hore u jirin taas oo ah 1000 Shilin iyo 5000 oo shilin oo isku dheggan, waana markii ugu horraysay ee noodhadh cusub lagu soo daro lacagta Somaliland muddo 17 sano ahayd oo ay jirtay arrintaasi ayaa dadka qaarkood ay cabsi ka muujiyeen inay horseeddo sicir barar xagga nolosha ah hase ahaatee Guddoomiyaha Baanka Dhexe ee Somaliland Cabdi Dirir Cabdi ayaa ka hadlay.
Warbixin arintaasi ku saabsan halka hoose ee qoraalkan ka dhageyso.

Demonstrations in Hargeisa in support of Somaliland unity

Massive demonstrations took place in Hargeisa , the capital of Somaliland on Sunday the 22 of January 2012 in support of   the   unity of Somaliland .