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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Video : Invest in Ethiopia! comedy

Somalia: Under The Tutelage Of Ghost-Lords

By Abukar Arman -At this dreadful moment in its history—when the obituary of a nation in life support is being written—political correctness is a luxury that Somalia cannot afford. Yes, Somalia is a failed state. But, failure is not a permanent condition, unless people choose to make it so by retiring their dignity and spirit of resilience.

US terror drone crashes in Somalia

Oxford House : Muted Cry - Play and discussion on Female Genital Mutilation

 OCEAN Somali Community Association in partnership with FORWARD are inviting you once again to an evening of theater and discussion on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which will take place on Thursday 9th February 2012, from 6.00pm to 10.00pm at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, E2 6HG.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Farming prospects prompt some refugees to head back to Somalia temporarily

Briefing Notes : This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at the press briefing, on 3 February 2012, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Ethiopia offers Britain land in exchange for Zeila port of Somaliland - 1946

Important document found in UK shows that Ethiopia offered Great Britain part of the Haud reserved area  (areas close to Somaliland border) in exchange for Zeila port of Somaliland to have access to the red sea in 1946 .

Somali Pirates : Catch And Release

(Strategy Page )- The anti-piracy patrol off Somalia has captured and prosecuted about 800 pirates so far. But more than five times that number have been captured and released. More prisons are being built in Somaliland and Puntland, but these must be paid for and supervised by Western nations if they are to be effective. The key problem is that most nations contributing ships to the anti-piracy patrol are not willing to prosecute and imprison Somali pirates.

Action needed to save mothers and children in Somaliland

(SOS )- Despite its comparative stability, Somaliland still faces huge development battles, particularly in health.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Somali refugee dies in hit and run

A Somali who escaped from Dzaleka Refugee Camp and attempted to travel to South Africa has been killed in a hit and run car accident.

Hague's action warning in Somalia

(UKPA) – William Hague has warned more action is needed to tackle the terrorist threat from Somalia as he became the first British Foreign Secretary to visit the strife-torn African nation for 20 years.

Somaliland: proof that aid doesn’t work

By Michael Walls, DPU -on 2 February 2012
…or lessons in some of the kinds that do (sometimes)?

UK appoints first ambassador to Somalia in 21 years

Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, centre, receives diplomatic credentials from Matt Baugh, with William Hague (left). Photograph: Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP

Mortality rates among world's highest in Somaliland

Edna Adan University Hospital, the main health facility in Hargeisa, Somaliland: Somaliland has one of the worst maternal mortality ratios in the world
HARGEISA, 2 February 2012 (IRIN) - The self-declared Republic of Somaliland is grappling with high child and maternal mortality rates, malnutrition and inadequate medical personnel, health officials told IRIN. 

Somaliland to pass central bank law within 3 weeks: cbank

By Mark Anderson -HARGEISA (Reuters) - Somaliland's central bank governor said on Thursday parliament is expected to pass a law within three weeks that will formerly establish a central bank, paving the way for foreign commercial banks to start operating in the self-declared country by 2013.

Somaliland set to establish Central Bank

(RTE )-Somaliland's central bank governor said parliament is expected to pass a law within three weeks that will formally establish a central bank, paving the way for foreign commercial banks to start operating in the self-declared country by 2013.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

At least 70 people dead after fire and riot at Egyptian football match

Death toll: latest reports put the number of dead at 73 

Somaliland should not participate in London Somalia conference

As I have said in my previous articles, Somaliland should not participate in London Somalia conference simply because the agenda of the meeting does concern Somaliland . Somaliland , sitting along with regional governments  such as Puntland , Somalia TFG , Ahlu Sunna Wal Jimaa and Gal Mudug  in-front of representatives from 50 nations will be ridiculed among these regional states and considered as an equal of them rather  than an independent state of Somaliland.

Rights groups condemn Ukraine’s treatment of Somali refugees

The Epoch Times: Rights groups condemn Ukraine’s treatment of Somali refugeesThe Epoch Times -Two prominent human rights groups have criticized Ukraine’s treatment of Somali and Eritrean refugees, who they say were illegally detained and later went on a hunger strike due to poor living conditions.

Somaliland : Cases of sexual and gender-based violence on rise in Hargeisa IDP camps

Fouzia Hassan, 50, an IDP at the stadium camp in Hargeisa, Somaliland
HARGEISA, 1 February 2012 (IRIN) - Cases of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), as well as domestic violence, are increasing in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Hargeisa, capital of the self-declared independent Republic of Somaliland, with social workers attributing the trend to hard economic times made worse by recent drought in the region.

Opinion: UK Lib Dems should promote Somaliland’s case for international recognition

By Willis Pickard | While Scottish Liberal Democrats are playing a full part in the debates about the country’s constitutional future, they should not forget problems facing other less fortunate small lands.  The plight of Somaliland is a case in point and is exercising the Scottish branch of Liberal International.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cold weather kills dozens in eastern Europe

 (BBC )-At least 60 people have died due to freezing conditions caused by a cold snap in eastern and central Europe.

Saudi Arabia: Christians Arrested at Private Prayer

Ethiopian Women Subjected to Unwarranted Strip Search - (Beirut) – Human Rights Watch )- Thirty five Ethiopian Christians are awaiting deportation from Saudi Arabia for “illicit mingling,” after police arrested them when they raided a private prayer gathering in Jeddah in mid-December, 2011, Human Rights Watch said today

Somalia: 1 dead after warlord assassination try

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A Somali police officer says a once-powerful warlord has survived an assassination attempt by a suicide bomber in a central Somali town. One bodyguard was killed.

Saudi Arabia , UK to work on Somalia problem

RIYADH: The United Kingdom, a major donor to African nations, has pledged to work closely with Saudi Arabia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to solve a plethora of problems facing African countries, especially Somalia and Sudan.

Separated Somali Children

SOMALIA: Introduction

( IRIN ) A Gap in their Hearts: the experience of separated Somali children 
Somali parents are paying smugglers up to US $10,000 to take their children abroad, as part of a lucrative and exploitative international child-smuggling business. Faced with desperate choices, many parents who see no future in their own country allow their children to be abandoned by "agents" at airports and railway stations in European and North American countries. These separated children - mostly teenagers, but some as young as two or three - arrive burdened with a false identity. Most have been coached or intimidated into assuming a new name, a different age, and an imaginary history.

The Middle East's "invisible refugees"

The Alhelis camp in Benghazi for displaced people from the town of Tawergha. Some Palestinians were specifically targeted - their homes were ransacked and people disappeared - in Benghazi and elsewhere, by both sides in the conflict
DUBAI, 31 January 2012 (IRIN) - Among the migrants who found themselves caught up in Libya during last year's war was a group of people whom one University of Oxford researcher calls "invisible": refugees who travel to third countries for work or better education. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

After the famine: Somalia's refugees ponder their future

By Clar Ni Chonghaile in Mogadishu - ( The Guardian ) - A few hours in Mogadishu is all it takes to make you understand, with a jolt, just how little space the human body needs to survive.

Low-cost camel meat preservation stirs up market

Camels on their way to Berbera and Arabia. Dried camel meat fetches high prices in Kenyan markets and supermarkets and has gained ground as an export to neighbouring Sudan and Ethiopia. FILE Photo/JOHN FOX 

Britain braced for Arctic blasts

Is Al-Shabab on the Way Out in Somalia?

Somalia : Scared Kids With Guns

(Strategy Page )- Al Shabaab is suffering a growing manpower shortage. Casualties and desertions, plus the difficulty of foreign recruits to get into Somalia, have led to a serious shortage of gunmen. Casualties have been much higher in the past few months because of increased combat with Ethiopian, Kenyan, AU (African Union) peacekeepers and with TNG (Transitional National Government) troops.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo of the day : Children feeding birds by the side of River Thames, Kingston

Photo taken by M. Ali of  http://www.medeshivalley.com/ - 29/01/2012 © 

Finland : More asylum seekers returning to Somaliland by choice

Young asylum seekers study Finnish while awaiting official decisions at a reception centre in Parikkala, eastern Finland. Image: YLE Etelä-Karjala

African Union opens Chinese-funded HQ in Ethiopia

A colourful ceremony marked the handover of the new building

Somalia peace process nears critical stage as election draws close

By Ronald Ssekandi (Xinhua) ADDIS ABABA, Jan. 29  -- Efforts to end decades of war in Somalia are nearing a critical stage as the Horn of Africa country is to hold general elections in August.
Augustine Mahiga, UN Special Representative for Somalia, told Xinhua in an interview Saturday that the priority now is the drafting of a constitution, parliamentary reforms and the establishment of a Constituent Assembly that will approve the constitution.