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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Somalia: Preparations For The London Conference

The London Conference on Somalia is being held on Thursday next week, February 23rd. Chaired by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, over fifty delegations are expected. In addition to members of the international community and frontline states, there will be representatives from the TFIs, of the Puntland and Galmudug administrations, of Ahlu Sunna wal Jama’a, and from Somaliland.

UK : City MP awarded by MK Somali Association

THE Somali Association have honoured one of the city's MPs for his fight to ban the drug Khat.
 Mark Lancaster was surprised to receive recognition for his campaign when he attended the inaugural meeting of the Milton Keynes Somali Community Association, which is the first group of its kind in the city. 

For over the three years, the Milton Keynes North MP has been pushing for khat to be banned and has spoken in the House several times about the detrimental effects of the substance on the Somali community in the city. Locally, the drug has caused many problems including social and family breakdown and damaged the health of users. 

Eyeing City Council seat, Somalis work to redraw Mpls. ward map

MINNEAPOLIS — Earlier this week, the call to prayer echoed through the Abubakar As-Siddique Islamic Center as the sun set over the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis.
About 18 blocks away, the music of East African artist Jamboo Joote blasted from the Cedar Sound Studio — a record store in the Riverside Mall.
Right now, the mall and the mosque are in two different city council wards. But members of the Citizens Committee for Fair Redistricting, a group of Minneapolis residents mostly from the city's Somali community, want to change that.
"We're just basically looking for a slice of the American freedom, which is to have our voices heard," said Hussein Ahmed, a member of the group.
Next week, a panel of judges will determine the boundaries for the state's congressional and legislative districts to make sure each has about the same number of residents based on the 2010 census. The court won't change city council ward lines across the state though — that's up to local officials.

Somalia Leaders Sign Agreements on Government Formation

( VOA )- Somali leaders have concluded a conference in the Puntland State of Somalia by signing an agreement on the formation of a new elected government.

Somalia militant group kills 30 Kenyan civilians

By TOM ODULA - Associated Press - NAIROBI, Kenya — An al-Qaida-linked Somali militant group is suspected of killing at least 30 Kenyan civilians since Kenyan troops entered Somalia, a police spokesman said Saturday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Statement issued by British politicians of Somaliland decent to the London Somalia Conference

Somaliland Commandos Graduate

( Somalia Report ) -Somaliland can now count on a contingent of specially trained commandos to help in the fight against piracy. The team underwent a six month training course in Dararweine district, which focused on sea, air and land-based warfare techniques. Major Ahmed Tanzania, the armed forces training commander, said the team would be deployed to aid in the fight against piracy, counter-terrorism and secessionists.

UK pushes for new Somalia strategy

( Wales Online )-Britain moved to whip up international support for a new military and political strategy in Somalia to intensify pressure on al-Shabab militants and try to pull the failed Horn of Africa nation back from the grip of pirates and terrorists.

Est. 3,500 Somalis Working as Pirates: UN

(Bloomberg)-There are about 3,500 Somali people working as pirates, attacking and hijacking vessels in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, according to Wayne Miller, an official from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kenyan military incursion should focus on Somalia exit strategy

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- International conflict resolution group on Wednesday called on Kenyan military not to extend its intervention in Somalia and should instead focus on exit strategy to avoid sparking local resistance and retaliation.

Ogaden Somalis seek Ethiopia abuse inquiry

(Nazret)- The Ogaden Somali Community in South Africa says it has filed a complaint with the country's top prosecutor and the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging an investigation into the actions of the Ethiopian government against the Ogaden people.

London : Valentines Day murder in Wembley

Suspect a Somalian from north-west London 
( London Daily )- Crime Desk - Police are appealing for witnesses and information following the murder of a man in Wembley during the early hours of Valentine's Day.
Detectives have released an image of a man they are keen to trace. He is believed to be in his mid-30s, Somali in appearance, and from north-west London.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SOMALIA: Galkayo IDPs suffer as aid agencies pull out

Living conditions for thousands of IDPs have deteriorated as more aid agencies withdraw
NAIROBI, 14 February 2012 (IRIN) - More and more aid agencies are withdrawing from South Galkayo in central Somalia's self-declared autonomous state of Galmudug, due to increased insecurity: Five months after a militia kidnapped two aid workers, living conditions for thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) there have deteriorated, with food and shelter in short supply.

MALI: Aid gets into gear, but must navigate no-go zones

Food and pasture in short supply for Tuareg communities in north (file photo)
DAKAR, 15 February 2012 (IRIN) - Aid workers are facing a trio of challenges in northern Mali: extensive drought-induced food insecurity and pasture shortages; conflict between Tuaregs and the Malian army; and the resulting displacement of thousands more Tuaregs, say aid agencies on the ground. 

Somali MPs see ‘hidden agenda’ in London talks

INTERESTED: British Foreign Secretary William Hague (2nd L) with Somali officials at Mogadishu International Airport on February 2. Photo/REUTERSBy BY RAMADHAN RAJA- the Star - A section of Somali MPs are petitioning Britain through its Nairobi Embassy to come clean on the upcoming London conference and its latest interests in the country. Talking to the Star yesterday in Nairobi ahead of February 23 planned UK meeting on Somalia, the MPs said they were suspicious of the meeting as Somali representatives were left out of the formulating the agenda and details on the where the meeting should be convened and those to attend.

Turkish national flag carrier will fly to Somalia.

Turkish Airlines will fly twice weekly to Somalia

UK Somaliland Diaspora Community Pushes for International Recognition of the Republic of Somaliland.

On 23rd February 2012, The United Kingdom is hosting in London an International Conference on Somalia, which representatives from over 40 governments and multi-lateral organisations including a delegation from The Republic of Somaliland are expected to attend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Demonstrations to take place in-front of British Parliament for Somaliland recognition

We are organizing a massive demonstration in-front of the British Parliament on the 22nd of Feb 2012 to demand for the recognition of Somaliland by the West and the East !! Many Somalilanders will hire buses from the Midlands as well as from the North West , the Noth East Ease , the South and Wales of Great Britain for the event .

Back to Djibouti: Africom and the New White Burden

US AFRICOM Reborn in Djibouti -by Thomas C. Mountain -The visit to Djibouti by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in late 2011 seems to be an omen foretelling the  rebirth of the US African Command’s (AFRICOM) base in the Horn of Africa.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaked document : Non-Paper: Progressing Somalia’s Political Track

1. Al Shabaab’s withdrawal from Mogadishu following AMISOM’s campaign, and the setbacks Al Shabaab has suffered in Jubaland and Gedo have created the opportunity to build democratic government structures in those areas, as well as in Puntland and central Somalia, which have been largely free from Al Shabaab for some time.

Leaked Document on London Somalia Conference

1.   The London Conference on Somalia took place at Lancaster House on 23rd February 2012, attended by around fifty representatives from the international community, and from Somalia itself.   

PetroTrans negotiates to extend Somaliland port

By Mark Anderson -HARGEISA | Mon Feb 13, 2012 -(Reuters) - PetroTrans, a Chinese oil and gas producer could conclude preliminary negotiations with Somaliland for the extension of the key port of Berbera by the end of this year, but has scrapped plans to build a liquefied natural gas facility.

MADAGASCAR: Cyclone expected in high population areas

Photo: earthsky.org
Cyclone Giovanna pushing towards the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar
JOHANNESBURG, 13 February 2012 (IRIN) - A category four tropical storm, Cyclone Giovanna, is expected to make landfall on 14 February close to the Madagascan east coast town of Toamasina and thereafter head for the capital Antananarivo. 

Why latest foreign ‘re-colonisation’ project of Somalia is doomed to fail

By RASNA WARAH - nation.co.ke - In the first two decades of the 20th century, Somali warrior-poet Seyyid Mohammed Abdulle Hassan (nicknamed the “Mad Mullah” by the British) fought against European forces trying to assert their influence in Somalia. His attempts were ultimately unsuccessful, but Hassan remains a source of inspiration among Somalis.

Big rally in Somalia for al-Qaida-al-Shabab merger

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Thousands of Somalis are gathering at a militant-organized demonstration on the outskirts of Mogadishu in support of the merger of the Somali militant group al-Shabab with al-Qaida.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Somaliland still blighted by plastic bags

HARGEYSA,  – More than 6 years  after the republic of Somaliland banned plastic bags, the landscape of its capital city, Hargeysa, continues to be dominated by the brightly coloured bags. Somaliland people use the plastic bags on daily basis for almost anything to be carried whether food, clothes, or Khat. It can be found in almost every house hold.

Somalia Militants Behead Christian Man

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA (BosNewsLife)-- Islamic fighters from the militant al-Shabab group in Somalia have beheaded a Christian on the outskirts of the war-torn nation's capital Mogadishu, a Christian news agency reported Wednesday February 8.


(NA)- Children in Somalia continue to suffer needlessly from hunger as politics hinder the much needed distribution of food aid. In Somalia, it is women and children who bear the brunt of the famine. Children are susceptible to malnutrition that decreases their ability to fight off disease, while women are unable to access the services they need and carry the responsibility of caring for their families. Malnutrition is the largest contributor to global child mortality and is the cause of one-third of child deaths, which amounts to some 15 million children dying of hunger each year.  According to UNICEF, 21,000 children die everyday.

Whitney Houston dies aged 48, famous friends pay tribute

(By Eleanor -Yahoo )- We're sad to report Whitney Houston died in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon aged 48.