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Friday, May 4, 2012

Two men held over claims of female mutilation offered in the UK Read

By CHRIS KENT - Mail Online 
Two men were arrested today by police investigating claims that female genital mutilation is being offered in the UK.

Pictured: The moment British woman was mauled by 'tame' cheetahs at holiday safari park and had to play dead to survive

Kenyan forces abused Somalis near border, report says

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP)–  An international human rights group said Friday that Kenyan security forces abused ethnic Somalis in Kenya's border region in response to attacks by militants from Somalia and have never been punished for the abuses.

Somalia: New rage for video games keeps teens off the street, but some skipping class to play

(Farah Abdi Warsameh/ Associated Press ) - Somali children play video games at a game shop in Mogadishu, Somalia, Friday, May 4, 2012. Video games are the new rage in Somalia, a first-world entertainment option for teenage boys that wasn’t permitted when ultraconservative al-Shabab militants controlled the capital.

Amnesty Report : Death Sentences and Executions in 2011

This report only covers the judicial use of the death penalty. The figures presented in this report are the largest that can safely be drawn from Amnesty International’s research, although we emphasize that the true figures in relation to some countries are significantly  higher. Some states intentionally conceal death penalty proceedings; others do not keep or  make available figures on the numbers of death sentences and executions.

Somalia : The Revenge Of The Bandits

(Strategy Page)-May 4, 2012: With nations providing foreign aid demanding less corruption (stealing aid), there is an ongoing war between corrupt groups and Somalis who seek to reduce the theft and terrorism. This, as has happened in many other places, results in attacks on anti-corruption journalists and leaders.

Water and the City of Hargeisa

(Afrikan Sarvi) -The availability of sufficient water resources in Hargeisa has become critical.
The capital city Hargeisa lies in the North Western part of Somaliland. It is the biggest and one of the most important in Somaliland. It has also been the second largest city in the republic of Somalia.

Jobs:SME Survey Supervisor - Somaliland

Posted:May 1, 2012
Languages:English, Arabic, Somali
Deadline:May 3, 2012
Organization:CADG - Central Asia Development Group
Sectors:Rural Development, Education, Social Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Statistics, SME & Private Sector, Research, Finance & Accounting

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Africa's share of foreign direct investment largest ever

Factory workers in Ivory Coast process cashew nuts.(BBC)-Africa received its largest ever share of global foreign direct investment (FDI) last year, an Ernst and Young survey has said.
FDI projects grew by 27% in 2011, pushing Africa's share of the world's investment to almost a quarter.
FDI inflows, now about $80bn (£50bn), should reach $150bn by 2015, according to the global consultants.
But potential investors still see Africa as "the least attractive" destination, the report finds.

Livestock Market In Hargeisa Somaliland


Somber World Press Day in Somalia after 5th death

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) –  Dozens of Somali journalists met Thursday in somber silence to celebrate World Press Freedom Day, a meeting that came only hours after the killing of the fifth Somali journalist this year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

U.S. in hunt for African warlord

U.S. lends support in hunt for notorious African warlord - CNN.com

Obo, Central African Republic (CNN) -- The lush, green forests of central Africa have long been the playground and refuge of the continent's most-notorious warlord, Joseph Kony.
His Lord's Resistance Army, which began with the aim of overthrowing the Ugandan government, has since spread to remote hinterlands on the borders of the Central African Republic, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jailed Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega honoured

Ethiopian writer Eskinder Nega(BBC)-An imprisoned Ethiopian journalist and blogger has been given a prestigious freedom of expression award.
Eskinder Nega was awarded the Pen America's "Freedom to Write" annual prize for publishing articles critical of Ethiopia's human rights record.

Somaliland Telecoms:
 Cashless doesn't mean broke


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Rallies Draw Protesters Around World

VOA News

Workers shout slogans against austerity measures during a march by the Portuguese union CGTP in Lisbon, Portugal, May 1, 2012.
Photo: Reuters
Workers shout slogans against austerity measures during a march by the Portuguese union CGTP in Lisbon, Portugal, May 1, 2012.

UK arrests 7 on suspicion of funding terror

Seven people have been arrested in Britain on suspicion of financing terrorism in Somalia by smuggling a leaf that can produce a mild high into the United States, officials said Tuesday.

Suicide bomber kills MPs in central Somalia

By Mohamed Ahmed
MOGADISHU | Tue May 1, 2012 
(Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed three Somali lawmakers on Tuesday at a hotel in the central town of Dusamareb, where legislators visiting from the capital were meeting, local authorities said.

Australia-based Jacka Resources plans to start oil exploration in Somaliland

(CSM)Australia-based Jacka Resources plans to start oil exploration in Somaliland, a region of Somalia that declared itself independent in 1991. Nice work if you can get it.
Imagine a particularly challenging country in which to do business.

Four People Die After Ethiopian Muslims Attack Police Station

(By William Davison - Bloomberg)-Four people were killed in southeastern Ethiopia when Muslim protesters attacked a police station following the arrest of a preacher, said State Minister of Communications Shimeles Kemal.

London model's return to see Somali roots

(BBC)For the first time since the age of three, successful London fashion model, Samira Hashi, has returned to the country where she was born, Somalia - one of the most troubled regions in the world. She writes about what she found:
Growing up in a city like London I almost never saw extreme poverty.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Accident: Jubba AN24 at Galkayo on Apr 28th 2012, burst tyres, veered off runway and broke up

(By Simon Hradecky - The Aviation Herald )-A Jubba Airways Antonov AN-24, flight 6J-711 from Hargeisa (Somaliland) to Galkayo (Puntland/Somalia) with 32 passengers and 4 (Russian) crew, blew both right hand main gear tyres upon touchdown on Galkayo's main runway, veered off the runway and came to rest off the runway at 14:55L (11:55Z), the entire wing separated from the aircraft. No injuries occurred, the aircraft received substantial damage.

Rastafarians face hardship in Ethiopian 'promised land'

By Jenny Vaughan (AFP) - SHASHEMENE, Ethiopia — A ceremonial fire burns as dreadlocked Rastafarians sway to drum beats, chanting "Haile I! Selassie I!" in praise of the former Ethiopian emperor whom they uphold as God incarnate.

Somaliland : A case study in how the absence of aid can lead to success

Consider Somaliland, which broke away from Somalia 21 years ago, and has become not only a haven of good governance but also a case study in how the absence of aid can lead to success. Because Somaliland has struggled to achieve international recognition, it has never received as much international money as its peers. ‘We were left to rely on our own resources — there could be no complacency,’ the country’s energy minister, Hussein Abdi Dualeh, told me when I went there last year. ‘I’m not a huge believer in foreign aid,’ he added. ‘How many countries have moved ahead and developed with international aid? It is not the formula for development.’

Petition : Stop Saudi Arabian Executions of Helpless Somalis

Target: USA, UK , Somalia , Saudi Arabia 
Stop Saudi Arabian Executions of Helpless SomalisSponsored by: M. Ali
On the morning of 4 April 2005, six young Somali nationals were taken from their prison cells in Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia, and beheaded in public.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saudi Arabia : Another air force plane crashes in Tabuk

F-15 fighter jets of the US Air Force are shown in this file picture.

Official: Gunmen kill 5 farmworkers in Ethiopia

Pakistan based Mint Consulting Group Team guiding
Saudi Star Agricultural
Development PLC delegation led by Mohammed Al-Amoudi to the project
site in Gambela, Ethiopia Photo Credit MCG
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — An official says gunmen attacked a commercial farm in Ethiopia's western Gambella region and killed five workers.
Government spokesman Shimeles Kemal said Sunday that the attackers wounded nine people as they shot indiscriminately late Saturday at workers on the vast farm. The property is owned by Mohammed Al-Amoudi, an Ethiopian-born Saudi businessman who is among the world's richest men.

Libya ex-Minister Shukri Ghanem dead in Danube River

Former Libya minister Shukri Ghanem in central London in October 2009.BBC-The body of Libya's former Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem has been found in the Danube River, Austrian police say.
A spokesman said there were no signs of violence to Mr Ghanem's body, which was in the river that flows through Vienna.

Africa Union to deploy police in Mogadishu

(Africa Review)-African Union (AU) is planning to deploy police officers in Mogadishu, the bloc’s Deputy Special Representative to Somalia has said.

Charge: Would-be terrorist tipster threatened Seattle FBI agent’s family

A Seattle man previously convicted of throwing his shoe at a King County judge is now accused of threatening to kill an FBI agent after claiming to have information about a terrorist believed to have been killed in Somalia.
In court documents unsealed earlier this month, federal prosecutors claim Abdi Ali Abukar, 24, threatened to harm a Seattle FBI agent’s family if the agent didn’t deal with harassment charges pending against Abukar.

Oil can be a boon for Somalia

By Nima Khorrami Assl,  Gulf News
Ever since the fall of the Somalia’s pro-US president, Mohammad Siad Barre, in 1991, the country has been in a state of chaos and disorder. In the absence of a central authority, tribal conflicts, warlordism, and a resurgent militancy in the form of Al Shabab have come to dominate and define the political reality of Somalia.

Report: Gadhafi gave to Sarkozy's 2007 campaign

A document from 2006 allegedly showed that an official of Gadhafi's regime arranged to pay Sarkozy through an intermediary

Kenya official: Grenade kills 1 in church attack (photos +report )

Abandoned chairs are piled up inside the God's House of Miracles International Church after a grenade attack in Nairobi April 29, 2012. At least one person was killed and a dozen wounded in a grenade attack at a church in the Kenyan capital on Sunday, the latest in a series of attacks in the east African country since it sent troops into neighbouring Somalia.
By TOM ODULA, Associated Press – NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — One person died and 15 people were wounded when a grenade was thrown into a church in Kenya's capital during Sunday service, an official said.