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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eastern Africa Food Security Outlook

Fewsnet Report .
Food security is expected to deteriorate during the April-June period, the peak lean season for households which rely on crop production (Figure 1). However, food insecurity is not expected to reach 2011 levels and improvements are expected following the July/August Gu harvest.

Kenyan military plan major onslaught on Kismayu port

NAIROBI (Xinhua)
 -- The Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) is planning on how to capture the strategic port city of Kismayu in Somalia, often regarded as the ultimate prize in the war after eight month of military advance into roughly over 95,000 km of territory into the Horn of Africa nation.

Somaliland : Oil exploration group reach Oodweyne (Video)

Defections put militant al-Shabab on the run in Somalia

Suspected al-Shabab members rounded up by Somali troops

Somalia’s Shebab mock U.S. bounty, offer camels for Obama

Somalia’s al-Qaeda-allied Shebab rebels Saturday mocked a U.S. offer of up to $33 million for tip-offs enabling the arrest of its top leaders, saying they would give 10 camels to anyone who helped locate Barack Obama.

Losing its coast has not stopped Ethiopia developing its shipping

The Economist.
ETHIOPIA became landlocked in 1992, when its Red Sea coast was lost to the new state of Eritrea. It lost access to its former ports soon afterwards.

UK: Major flooding affects mid Wales

Friday, June 8, 2012

Somali opens Mogadishu's first dry cleaners in decades

An interior photo of the Somalia Premium Laundry in Mogadishu, the city's first dry cleaner for 25 years.

Ethiopian airlines to start new services to Berbera

Ethiopian Airlines has announced the start of new flights to Berbera, the port of Somaliland, as of 01 July 2010.
Ethiopian told ERTA in a press release on Thursday that it will fly to Berbera daily using its Q400 aircraft, with three morning and four afternoon flights.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

United States Offers $33 Million in Search for Militant Leaders in Somalia

NAIROBI, Kenya — The United States government announced $33 million in rewards Thursday for information leading to the location of top terrorist suspects in Somalia in an effort to get residents there to turn in leaders of the Shabab militant Islamist group.

Kenya police have listed government skyscrapers among possible terror targets

By Tom Odula, The Associated Press | Associated Press
NAIROBI, Kenya - The Kenya police force has listed seven buildings, including the headquarters of the revenue authority, as being under immediate risk of a terror attack from an al-Qaida-linked militant group that has threatened to bring down skyscrapers in Kenya's capital city, an internal U.N. security report says.

Female Genital Mutilation in Britain: The Scandal About to Break...

Hilary Burrage - HuffPost Impact
Every year upwards of 20,000 young girls in Britain are at risk, or already victim, of female genital mutilation (FGM, or 'cutting'). Yet never has there been a successful court case in the UK against the perpetrators of this barbaric child abuse. Nor has there ever been any action against professionals have failed to protect the victims, whose fate, albeit with different intent, is sometimes as grave as that of the tragedy of Baby P.

British Somalilanders going back for a future

U.S. offers millions in bounty for top Somali militants

Al Shabaab soldiers patrol in formation along the streets of Dayniile district in Southern Mogadishu, March 5, 2012. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Official: Troops bomb pirate base in Puntland

By ABDI GULED Associated Press
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- An official from the autonomous Somali region of Puntland says its forces launched an aerial attack targeting a pirate leader in Somalia.

More help on the way from Frankston to Somaliland

Faduma Musse and Hilary Manning share a hug while filling a container with goods to send to Somaliland. PIC: HILTON STONE
Faduma Musse and Hilary Manning share a hug while filling a container with goods to send to Somaliland. PIC: HILTON STONE
IT has been packed with beds, bedding, clothing, school desks, cutlery, crockery, tools and many other goodies.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jubilee In Pics : 1.5 million honour the Queen

By EMMA REYNOLDS - Mail on-line

The Queen greets her subjects from the balcony of the Palace as she stands alongside Camilla, Charles, Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry 
The Queen greets her subjects from the balcony of the Palace as she stands alongside Camilla, Charles, Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry

Africa Oil Announces Spud of Shabeel North Well in Puntland, Somalia

(News Wire)-
-- Africa Oil Corp. ("Africa Oil" or the "Company") CA:AOI +0.71%  (omx:AOI) is pleased to announce the commencement of drilling operations on the Shabeel North well in Puntland, Somalia, the second well in the current drilling campaign.

Ethiopia- Videos : The Cradle of Mankind-English

Ethiopia airlines : Flights to Hargeisa resume

Ophir Energy in Somaliland oil exploration

The Republic of Somaliland redeclared its independence from Somalia in 1991.  It remains subject to a sovereignty dispute with neighbouring Somalia but is in active diplomatic discussions with surrounding states and the African Union regarding formal recognition of its independence.

In April 2003, Rova Energy Corporation Limited (Rova) entered into the Berbera Production Sharing Agreement (Berbera PSA) with the Government of Somaliland.  Rova was a special purpose company established to acquire and develop the Berbera PSA.

Oil : Objective Formations in the Dharoor Valley and Nugaal Valley Blocks

(Africa Oil Corp. )-
The basin fill is thick, with more than 10,000 feet of sediments in some areas. Several potential reservoirs are targets within the two basins. With Yemen as the main play-analogue, Jurassic aged sandstones belonging to the Gabredarre Formation are considered a target.

Kenyan security forces face US funding ban

NAIROBI, Kenya Jun 5 – The US Senate has banned any funding or training to units of the Kenyan military and police found to have been involved in human rights abuses in Mount Elgon in March 2008.

South Sudan leaders 'stole $4bn'

President Salva Kiir, centre, arrives at the John Garang Mausoleum in Juba, Sudan April 27, 2012(BBC)-
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has accused officials of stealing at least $4bn (£2.6bn) from state resources.
He has written to 75 current and former senior government employees, asking for the unaccounted money to be returned.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Somaliland ahead of much of Europe in mobile money

UK - Channel 4 .
The Barclays Pingit allows users to send and receive cash to anyone with a UK current account and mobile phone number, without having to share bank details.

UK : Video- All the Queen's horses June , 2012

Plane carrying 153 people crashes in Lagos

LAGOS (2nd UPDATE) - More than 150 passengers are feared dead after their plane crashed in a densely populated district of Nigeria's economic capital Lagos Sunday, residents and an aviation official said.

Dutch MPs question failed Somali asylum seekers' fate

Somali failed asylum seekers outside their tent in Ter Apel before the eviction.

Turkey tries out soft power in Somalia

By Richard Lough
* Ankara wields soft power, hard cash in stricken state
* Famine in Somalia sparked huge Turkish relief effort
* Somali PM calls Turkey "Holy Grail" for his country
* Somalia part of Turkish Africa strategy

UK: The curse of 'khat'

Khat ... drug makes its way from Kenya to London via Heathrow airport

In Pics : The Queen river Jubilee pageant

By PAMELA OWEN- Mailonline:
Thousands of people braved wind and rain and camped overnight on the banks of the Thames to ensure they have the best view of the Queen as she cruises past on a royal barge.
Her Majesty will be escorted by a 1,000-strong flotilla to mark 60 years of her reign in an event which promises to be the most spectacular nautical event in London for the past 350 years.